Girl Friend in Town

Voila Voila, last week my girl friend from Kuala Lumpur  came over for a short shopping trip and I’m so Pleased to see her lovely bubbly face again after so long and of course so happy to meet her friends. We had a great time (IMO) had a blast lots of drinking and catching up…especially about my ex-fiance, she’s actually a friend from his group in Kuala Lumpur. I have no hard feeling talking about him and no problem at all talking about how he cheated on me. I don’t mind though, I’m way over him and it turned out to be she’s kind of see the “me” the version she has never seen 🙂 Anyway, I think I played a good host that night.

I was suppose to meet up with Ben at Esplanade Heineken Beer Garden, cos we planned to head to the city around Thong Lor area because he has a bottle of Chivas left at LUST kinda new chillout place that had just launched a couple of months ago. Well I made the final decision to meet my girl friend instead of Ben because they sort of not sure where to go and what is good to do around the Khaosan Road area…so I told Ben to meet me there instead XD madness! it was really awesome night out 🙂

My girl friend and her friends picked the meeting venue and yeah of all the places they wanna meet in Khaosan Road XD Well I have no problem meeting them there since that’s my favourite hangout spot! Later on Ben and Archie joined us all the way until Gazebo.

I really Missed Deb heaps though, oh actually Deb is a friend of Len, they’re both in the same group of my ex-fiance,,,well well well who said meeting with the ghost from the past could hurt you? not for me though. Deb and Len always been there for me when I was residing in Kuala Lumpur and they were the best party cliques. Always out and about, Party and Good good food or maybe Len could get us in for some events in KL. Oh! Man I missed that place too! 

Another friend of mine whom I cooked for when she was 3 months preggy, now her son is about 1.5 year old…I never get to see his face but I was the one who asked if she got a boy or no…back then. I think I need to make a trip down to see them someday.

My ex sort of seeing a girl that he was cheated on whilst we were together and I heard she own a boutique and kinda well-off, she just had her own fashion show in KL a couple of months back. Oh yeah Big Fuck? Like I care. I wish them both well though (and no hard feeling) All the best! 

just can’t leave your iPhone 4 alone eh Mel?

tsk tsk tsk…

the buckets made you all so happy eh?

The KL Crew, Singaporean, Thais, English

Deb, Me, Archie

Me & Helen

I stole Archie’s hat for a snap!

Archie kinda like me in his hat 🙂

Walk away from that chillout place, the crew wanted to go for Barakut or Shisha so I took them to Gazebo for live bands and Good Quality Shisha, saw Jay and the Gazeboe Crew and my senior from the same Uni too! was a happy night for me and the gang but I got a bit pissed off along the way by some dude. 

To be continued……at Gazebo 🙂

Oh! that is so Gay of Deb hiding behind the pillow 😛
Me, Mel, Deb, Hay, Archie

Ended up like Deb and the crew went back first because they have scheduled themselves for shopping. I need a short break though…to relive my tired old soul and to spice up my old tired brain just a tiny bit. I need to see my God-Parents and Lil sister Kinda missed them and most importantly I missed home cooked meals!

Will update the Short-Break Trip post ASAP Pinky Swear!

God Bless everyone!


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