Late September….Early November

Right some old pictures from my friend’s camera, Kinda surprised when I first saw them as I’ve completely forgot about it. 

Called me Party Animal or whatever you want. Girl gotta know how to have fun and hangout with my friends on the weekend is part of my life.

Who say student life gotta be sucks stressful, always hiding behind books and computer? Neh! Not me 🙂 I’ve got a life yeah.
Late September…Think about last week of September 2010

Gazebo, Khaosan Road 

My Bodyguards, 3 years of friendship ^_^

After Moon, Ramkamhaeng 24, Assumption University

My another family (Music Home) 8 years of friendship

Gazebo, Khaosan Road (Again)
my Bestie Oshi & Me

Early November 2010…First week of November I think.

Cheap Charlie’s Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 11 (Nana BTS station) 
The Australian Bangkok Pub & BBQ, Bangkok Sukhumvit soi 11 (Nana BTS station)

Paul & I later decided to go to Australian Pub & BBQ, to continue our pool games and watch some football, had a great time with Paul and Nancy, I’ve not seen them for months. Paul’s leaving for Myanmar (Oh God I hope he’ll be fine over there cos saw the news on TV some stuff about Election going on there quite a mess), luckily Nan & I happened to be around that area so we sort of hangout 🙂

Right, I sort of understand why Paul is always so active and like to act cute or “Kawaii” in his language – That’s something about the Japanese that I can never understand ^_*

Have a Great Week everyone

God Bless y’all!

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