Here we Go…

So I decided…. and

It was so clear that 
A Little Self-Reminder

In fact I Think…
So now…watch out

I don’t wanna cry no more
& FYI, 

though sometimes…
The Pit stop: sometimes help to make it better….or worse
But It takes time…to find the “One” in the “Real” World, Because the one that you dream of only exists in a “Fairytale” world.

Don’t “Assumed” that “He/She should know it” 
Speak, make it known.
Give & Take
Forgive & Forget

Its beautiful….
Sometimes you just couldn’t careless 
What I’ve learned is that…

I also learned that

But Now I am Telling you…to just

Be wild.

So Now…I’m gonna say it once and for all…

God Bless you all!

Have a great week ahead 

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