Unleash the Devil, Halloween Party @ Khaosan Road

Happy Halloween Everyone! Oopsie! I know its way over but just a few day yeah…  

Had a crazy stressful weeks in school and have not been out much lately, but I did well on the weekend of Halloween XD


In MIS class – Mad boring!

About to go for lunch!

and Finally Lunch with the hunky & Mami

This semester really driving me insane! Projects, Exhibition and many things going on. Well Just gotta try to pull the last shot well, this is my final year ^_^ Wish me luck!

I was out with friends celebrating Pre-Halloween all the way until Sunday night XD madness isn’t it! The truth is, Khaosan Road blocked all the traffic from going into that alley from 
22 – 31 October :)) Seems like they know how to get the party started eh.

I had a blast! Was walking around, was at 999 West, Bucket place on the roadside, Lava, and of course Gazebo, another place I went to was somewhere nearby my area called Samet Pub and Restaurant, newly open hip spot. I had a great time with friends and met with many new interesting people. 

Friday Night 29 Oct at Lava Club, Khaosan Road ♥♥

Saturday – Had a Chance to visit my friend’s the BigScootersociety.com Thailand, gang and The Harley Davidson; heard all the big boys are going up north this coming December for a road trip! XD awesome! We’re still planning where to meet but I’ve informed them I’m probably be in Chiang Rai or Chiang Mai if I ain’t going back to Singapore. Seems like Mostly I’ll be in Chiang Mai mostly. 

Final Exam started like around first week of December and ended on 15 December…Which Mean I have like wow a month’s Breaky! Meh! better than nothing eh?

Right….Lets get back to the Halloween Party – Well I’m sure these pictures could tell it all. Thank you Gazebo & Lava for the great party :))

Sunday Night 31 October, Gazebo Club, Khaosan Road.

 Courtesy of Gazebo & Lava Club, Khaosan Road.

This is how we party here in Bangkok, especially Khaosan Road. Can’t imagine leaving Bangkok and a massive party on Khaosan Road, but I know soon I’ll have to leave this place.

Right! Back to Basic
School Uniform, Student life and of Course upcoming final exam.
Can’t wait to go off for holiday in December!

Right off to school now people.

Have a great week, another weekend coming.
Any plan? any one?

God Bless Everyone


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