Dinner at Som Tum Nua

It was a great day despite knowing the fact that something really pissed me off; well I can’t be bothered anymore let just see if my new professor would dare to bring out the paper and prove it to us or not. Thank God it wasn’t just me alone that get such a lousy grade…

Lunch: Famished and Furious So I decided to go for late lunch with my friends in school canteen before headed back up for the Sport day meeting 🙂

Mac & Nit & Their Sushi, Papaya

Nit’s Sashimi 

Fish Maw soup 🙂

Super Chicken feet soup! (Mad Spicy! but yum!)

Venue: Sripatum University, Cold Canteen

After Sport Day Meeting, went to the office to help up the professors with packing, yes yes! we’re moving to the new Billion Baht Building Baby! XD

After Packing a bit here and there I Headed off from school for Dinner, tsk tsk! dinner date with my all time favourite people 🙂 bunch of lovely people 2 cars headed out to Som Tum Nua restaurant, located on Kaset Nawaminh Road, actually we were planning to go to Diary Queen for some decent food, but while making a left turn as we have to go make a big round of U-Turn once we got off the bridge; we looked over to the other side then decided “Meh! gonna take forever to get there” so we decided to changed the venue to Som Tum Nua. 

To our surprised it was really peaceful and secluded, by this I mean, despite being located next to the main road, with the traffic and noises, this place actually surrounded with the tall thick green plants, so the customers could enjoy the meal without having to hear or see much of the depressing traffics.

Venue: Som Tum Nua
Location: Off Kaset Nawaminthra Road

The Entrance

Nice Ambience

Settled down comfortably

Getting ready to munchy

Weapons are ready!


Som Tum Nua 🙂

Mainly Som Tum Menu

Looking Through the Menu for good stuff

Big Bosses were looking through the menu, after many flipped and turned, we finally get decided to go by ordering 2 dishes for each of the following menu.

Deep Fried Seabass in Fishsauce served with Green Mango, Shallots, Chili, Coriander in Fishsauce Dipping
E-San Sausage (North East Sausage)

Laab Woon Sen (Vermicelli noodle) with Minced Pork

Deep Fried Chicken Drumsticks and Wings ( Gai Chae Nam Pla)
Som Tum Thai with Salted eggs

Tom Saab Sii Krong Moo (pork ribs in hot & spicy Soup)
Som Tum Pu Plara (Salted crab & Thai Anchovy)

The food taste really Good and I must say that the ambience does play a very important part, too bad the waitress/waiter were a bit impatient while serving the food and taking order. The mozzies also joined us during the dinner, argh! I hate mozzies! 

We all ordered fruit blended drink; Watermelon, Pineapples, Lime Juice, Strawberry, and Thai Ice Tea 😀

Lime Juice Blended
Watermelon Blended & Strawberry Blended

Now the  Yummy Munchies are here…Lets Dig in people!

After meal Anna and I decided to go for dessert, She chose Tiramisu and I had Mixed Berry Sorbet. The thing I like about the dessert is that, this place actually used low sugar, low calories and Fat free. Right!

Most of the Chinese 5 of them had Lime Juice blended while I had Watermelon blended and some of us had Thai Ice Tea.

After dinner we took a little tour to the Bakery side; it was mouthwatering!! we didn’t wanna get out of there. However we get to snaps the many shots of the cutie pixie!

Yummy isn’t it?

the decor simply adorable 

And Of course! Some Camwhoring Session :))) enjoy! 

Shout Out: Thank You Prof. Jill so much for making this evening possible and we really enjoyed our meal 🙂 We love it heaps. 

God bless everyone! 

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