Paholyothin, Bang Khen – The Outcast

Think this post going to be a massive outburst one. I’ve put up with this place for like a year…I know I know why don’t I bear with it a bit more until I graduate. Yah!Right by the time I graduate, I think I’ll be damn skinny like a walking skeleton!

Seriously! I don’t get it, of all places why must be this area? its not like there’s no school or a single soul exist but the fact is there are 2 Schools: Sara Wittaya (High School), Sripatum University and Bang Bua Primary School. There are also the Army camps or some government sectors around this area which shouldn’t make the whole area so dead right? but its the other way round lor… >_<

Oh wow! Amazing! you must come&see it to believe it, once the sun goes down things are suppose to be quite happening with people walking around buying dinner or maybe out for dinner with friends around the area, or even a decent noodle stalls. Unfortunately, there aren’t many noodle stalls here only a few one that is edible; like the stalls at Siam Commercial Bank, Bang Khen Branch; There are 3 stalls that I often patronize at that stall, another one would be the Wantans & fish balls Noodle stall. They are all right compared to the food around this area.

In front of Chatuchak Post Office usually have about 9 carts:
– Local Food Cart
– Salad Cart (yum nhaem(fermented pork salad with deep fried rice ball, Mango Salad, etc)
– Yum Mama Cart (instant noodle (6 baht/pack) or vermicelli – salad mixed with your choice of so called seafood and vegies or just plain vegies salad with seafood and some pork ball or processed meat)
– Fresh Fruit Cart 
– Dessert Cart 
– E-Sarn Cuisine Cart 
– Southern Cuisine Cart
– Ah-Bang Roti Cart
– Deep Fried Chicken & Pork Cart

Occasionally you will see these stalls: 
– Thai Handmade Noodle stall (you said you want “Nam Ya Pa”, she will often gives u “Nam Ya Kathi”)
– Beef Ball noodle stall (my favourite one)

You see, most of students around here gotta live by just the 9 carts; not to mention, SAME MENU EVERYDAY!

Fine….if you can afford to go out eat every day around Major Ratchayothin or Amornpun Market around Kasetsart university, that would be great! Good for you! but what about people who have to start paying from getting out of the (FUCK) Pak Soi (the entrance of the Alley) you know, Living in Bang Khen seriously can be quite a rip off! it’s not even in the city, it’s not even close to BTS station or MRT station, but the living cost is FUCK MAD Higher than living in City!!! Actually living in Bangkok is not much of paying for Food because by the time you get to the food stall your hunger already gone cos u gotta have to pay here and there this and that. So Ma Fan right?

Let’s do it this way:
– 5 Baht for motorbike from the soi, or you wanna cross over to the other soi is 7 Baht (after 9 pm 10 baht), cross over to the other side of the road 10 baht – this is reasonable. What worst would be you are paying all these hooligan to send you out but you get teased and pick on sometimes when you dress up or go out >>_<< by the time you arrived at your destination, you are in no mood, rip off – far out man!

– The lights on the street along Paholyothin road, seriously, are we like not paying tax or something in this area? Wah! Mad Romantic lor!! Dimmed light very dim machiam like you encourage the rapists and thiefs to go out and hunt for the victim like that. 

– Notice another thing Paholyothin road or Bang Khen area is actually inbetween Kasetsart University area (Bang Khen, Sena Nikom) and Sapanmai area, but how come only Bang Khen area is soooo dark, soooo quiet, nothing much to eat one? But Sapanmai, Kasetsart Uni area sooooo Freaking Happening and so many food to eat; then look back at my own University Sripatum university Not university ah?, only ghost go to this school arh? wah Machiam like Cemetery one lor! -_-“, Dark Quiet always got crime happen around the area. Tiuz! Tua Chum lor!

I could feel the different from these comparison, how arh? whenever I return from my night out arh…got off the Kasetsart Bridge wahhhh Tua Different Lor! I was so happy to see the lights and stuff around Kasetsart area buden the Moment I got off the bridge approaching my own area wah! Nightmare! Major Nightmare! You eyes gotta work extra hard cos you can’t even see the Soi plate, or the Number! like WTF! DAMN DARK! BIG DIFFERENT! 

I heard a lot of dodgy stuff going on around in my area especially the Soi I’m living in, wah! mad chaos! Sometimes the Motorbike not happy with the Taxi ah, you will see the real Thai fight! yeah often happen this kinda stuff I’m kinda used to it already. When they got into a fight or maybe when they are drunk and created a scene among the motorbike taxi themselves then that’s the day when you can forget about go out get food at the 9 carts Post Office, worst if the canteen lady stop selling food on that day! Major headache!!! So how can I not want to complain!

By the way – I think Sripatum University must have a serious problem with the Terminology of Girl’s Dormitory, you see Kasetsart and other universities they have Girl’s Dorm or Boy’s Dorm within the university premises, but how come this dorm arh, wah Machiam like wanna hide all the precious girls in the jungle then let the Negrito (เงาะป่า) come find us is it? I mean doesn’t have to be INSIDE The University, but can’t it be on the same side as the campus or nearby not like wah gotta take motorbike taxi every day; you don’t have to take motorbike if u wanna walk over to school smell like a lil puppy who just had a workout stuffy smell and get those moron mocking or teasing you, early in the morning you want to get your mood ruined meh if let say its such a beautiful day to begin with!

No need to talk about asking anyone come see the students in the girl’s dorm lah, my friends don’t even want to come see me and I also feel so lazy to go out lor (most of the time) – going out get things done or even food already hard enough, No 7/11 in the soi, no provision or convenient stall in the soi wah, some night when the junkies set the table in the middle of the soi have a drink play guitar sing loudly wah Danm Pleasant and Safe lor! 

This is how they promote the safety System for the students and parents. wah Two Thumbs up!

Ok! I feel much better now that I got it off my chest! XD 

Thank God! 

Ohhh Tonight is a Full Moon Party at my Fav hangout place! Gazebo! Not sure If I will go there tonight.

Have a Splendid Weekend, Wherever you are, Whatever you do! Have a Grwwweaat One! 

God Bless Ya’LL 


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