Viva la Fiesta after Midterm exam :))

Despite having done with my midterm exam yet I still have a busy schedule of course I have my projects that due in a few days time and also the stress level that still hasn’t gone even one bit >_<< meh! but I’m glad that I managed to get some times off from all the projects. Its always good to take a step back then relax for a bit before you start working on it again =) 
After the exam was over – though I didn’t do very well but I know I’ve given my best shot! 

the final review for the last paper XD

wish I could memorise everything

finally we’re done with the exam! 

Getting my hair done 🙂

Picking out the dress

went straight to hairsalon as I really needed it. Gotta shop for the new dress and get my hair done for the night out :)) to celebrate post-midterm XD awesome! 
I know those kiddies wanna go to the places that enhance their image and make them feel better – Who are they trying to prove? Silly billy?

Here goes my look for that night 🙂

They’re just invited us and then the moment we got there, they just like oh! and swayed off pretend like they don’t know us. OMFG! Majoy bitchy to da max! They think they are something? They think the universe revolved around just their lives? I don’t think so. So I told my friend that just let them be; we consume the same food but that don’t mean we all speak or think the same way. 

Off we go!

Final check!

Had a nice party chilling with friend at Funky Villa, Thonglor, Inch Club, Ratchada and a nice meeting and chit chat session with friends at Rod Niyom Chom Chorb Pub & Restaurant, Ratchayothin. Oh…these 3 places I visited on the same night(Sun 17) 🙂


Then Wednesday I’ve reserved myself for a friend who will be in town to receive awards for the pieces of “Designed furniture mobieus” that won a DEmark award 2010. If you could remember the previous post that I wrote about the DEmark 2010, an Exhibition for designed products from all over the place in Thailand. 

I’m so pleased for them, I know they have a great design and a beautiful work done and they deserved these awards.

I was really late by the time I got to Prompong BTS station, my friend told me that we’re gonna have Indian food.^_^ yay! I was telling one of my teammate while we were doing project that I wanna go for some really good Indian food. I missed Indian Food and Mutton curry in Singapore especially the Roti Prata XD

We settled ourselves at Himali Cha Cha Restaurant, on Sukhumvit 31 nice ambience, unfriendly staff, the taste of the food was all right-ish I mean I’ve tried better food though.

  Looking at what to eat 🙂

Colorful eh?

We decided to go for Chicken curry, Prawn Curry, Papadum, Plain Nan and Garlic Nan, Deep Fried Onion Brajee and Fried rice but I called it Briyani 🙂

It was really good! XD I enjoyed the meal soo much 😀

Starter: comes in one chain ring consist of spicy sour shallots pickle, Mint sauce(sour taste), and Mango Chutney sauce that taste a bit like Thai Tamarind sauce.

It was really good 🙂 yumm…

Papadum that goes really well with the Mint chili dipping and Chutney dipping sauce 

Deep Fried Onion Brajee

Chicken Curry XD

Prawn curry with Garlic and Plain Nan

Briyani That what I called 🙂 

Maximum love XD

After we had a decent meal, blissful tummy, next stop we gonna go over to Sukumvit 14 for a patio chillout session yummy tasting Margarita :))

We stopped by at the Los Cabos California mixed grilled restaurant. Nice ambience set in the city surrounded by the building and busy street; I was kinda surprised to find such a place in the city. Painted in yellow, green, and blue; multi-storey old wooden house that refurbished and surrounded by trees and plants 🙂 nice setting eh?

Too bad We had a heavy meal otherwise!

I ordered myself Especial Blended Mango Margarita 
it was all right though *_*

My friend got herself Passion Mojito XD
It was good and strong!

 After Los Cabos we headed to the club which was named DJ actually we didn’t know what is the name of the place though but my friend called it “DJ”

I had about 4 bottles of San Mig light then headed home by 1: 30 am, as my friend gotta catch an early flight back to Chiang Mai. Glad to meet her and Happy to hang out with her, I have not seen her for 2 months now 🙂 I also missed another friend’s birthday in Chiang Mai :(( she gotta called and reminds me that “hey! it’s my birthday today!!!” 

Saw Shane and the band that normally play at 999 West, We had a brief chat before they gotta head to 999 West – the band starts playing from 12:30 am –  2:45 am 🙂 

I had a busy productive week; besides doing projects, exams and dinner with friends. 

Oh! i’m currently planning my trip up north to Chiang Rai, the border of Thailand and Myanmar then maybe Pai , Mae Hong Son. Let see where I’m gonna be if I don’t get to go back to Singapore XD

God Bless everyone!



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