I’m up for you

Thought it was gonna be easy one…

Here, how it goes…

We hated each other…

we went on and on even though we know its not gonna turn out right…..

It wasn’t good to begin with…

the end turned out uglier than I could ever imagine.

I was so shut out towards you..completely

what happen? 

How could I ever be the person I thought I could never be….Like – right now…

it was hard enough for me to accept a person like 


it was so hard for me to tear down those walls that I have…


You managed to get through it

and after that what happened?

you came and steal it and you left it – now like it was nothing..

I thought I was inhuman but you are worst than me….

How could you possibly be so irresponsible?

I know I’m not that kinda person that will bugs you or ask you question about your life…

I already made it very clear that…

“I Like you, I love you, I enjoy talking to you but I DO NOT want to have&Keep you to myself, I do NOT need to own you for whatever reason”

isn’t that enough? Am I not making myself clear enough?

Have I ever say that you gotta report to me?  No I HAVE NEVER!

3 am every night I gotta wake up to answer your message even though they were so mean yet funny…. I still entertained your silly conversation.

What have I done wrong now? when I never say that I want you as a part of my life or I want a commitment..on and on…

I’ve never gave anyone as many chances as you get…

I have my flaws I have my ugly parts…just like you and everyone but its not important at all..because I know I can accept you for being who you are…

That’s my fault eh?

Do I need to spell it out to you how I really feel? or you want me to just keep quiet?

I can’t be a good cop with you
I can’t be a bad cop with you

But I can be myself with you…

I told you before…

Don’t make me open up myself to you

Because I know you will run away and I know you will do this to me. 
Why….when I buy lottery I never strike it like my  wild guess with you?

psycho stalker? Not me But….Once I open up and am willing to accept you for who you are…you better learn to be kind enough to accept and analyse whatever details I’ve gave you.

Chiang Mai is one of my HOTSPOT and a MUST visit place, but its gonna be the only place that I keep in my mind that I will remember forever and Loved but will not let this kinda thing happen again.

Its unbelievable how you could have such impact to my life and emotionally unstable

But I know 

We weren’t good to begin with. Even though we were just friends but it seems to me right now that…

It’s not even the friendship that left…

Not even a glimpse of the memories we shared left…

Like you said

“It means nothing to me”

I’ve gotta let you go, I know I’ve already done that and I’m moving on…

I wish you best of luck in everything you do. I hope you find a nice and NORMAL girl to be with who can have a proper conversation with you under the sun and beer in hand, betting football and travel with you.

You will not be in my memory anymore because I’ve already long reinstall my system.

This is just a farewell of my last bit of memory…to You.

I may be crazy in your eyes, a little baby, rat face, sugartits (that’s so gay), shorty and etc…but you are still the prick and dickhead in my eyes..

But I’m still me and I’ll never change. 

You asked for the friendship and now you chuck it all….flush it all down…

I cannot be with the person who is not accountable and trustworthy.

Whatever you say…. 100 words only 0.001% can be true.

I ain’t taking it anymore…

A grown up plans, and all the bullshit you said to me – get yourself together have some male gut and say what you mean…please!

You say you Miss ME!? Oh That’s kind but unfortunately I find it to be “FUCKIN FULL OF SHIT”

Blocked me on skype, msn and facebook not gonna make your life any better…

You can delete me from all of the system..


What if you CANNOT deleted me off your heart and memory card?

That’s pathetic!

Get a grip and be a man!

Don’t wear skirt! because not even Gucci or Prada could fits in you.

Stop hating all the smartass girls who do not know how to act STUPID! its not cool.
Stop pushing people away just because you KNOW they might have the power to have such a huge impact on your life…

“you’re not smart enough for me” that means You’re too stupid to accept me.

It’s good that we ended this whole vicious cycle this way because – I deserve much better 

I have my own BATNA which you do not fit in…You have your own BATNA which I don’t fit in too…

So Peace out!

I’m done.

God bless you 



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