Happy Birthday to Me :)

So Late in updating this post..God I feel so bad now! Celebrated my Birthday with my friends at the Bowling Allz

I’ve been madly crazy with school and preparing for upcoming midterm exams – which will be in less than a week -_-” I’m still not ready mentally not prepared at  all!

Been busy teaching a few classes not really teaching but giving tuition to Chinese friends – well I’m glad at least I could be of help 🙂

I had a good with  my Chinese friends during my birthday; We went for Bowling food and some drinks, after the bowling I went straight to Khaosan Road and stopped by at Gazebo. Had a great time as usual 😉

 Blu-O here we come!

 Love the Decor max XD
lights Ready! Lets Bowl!

Blu-O Bowl looks like a Disco 😉 to me

We had finger foods and Blue Kamikaze it was nice though; I mean for them they have never tried such a drink… Meh! I feel bad now, am I a bad Influence to them? But they drink “Bai Jiu” in back in China though or even Hua Tiew Jiu -_-“

We were there for 2 hours! Can you imagine, their first time bowler haha even me I was still complaining OMG I can’t take it anymore too much now 😦 My arm was aching and some of my friends were already sitting down and gave up XD but they played really well! Most of us strike here and there  🙂 

I think we were tired because of the Alcohol in our bodies died off =X 

Off we go! No more till next time… We went down to grabbed supper on the way home – and some pictures with Good Ol McDonald’s 

It was fun we had fun and full Bleah! ate too much, but I still gotta go to the next party 🙂

Oh! Wish me Luck and Have a good week everyone!


God bless y’all!



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