Food and Hotel, Thailand 2010

15 – 18 September @ Siam Paragon Royal Hall 5 – Blurrrr! Not a Movie Date, or Shopping trip but in fact I had a date with Material Management Class, from 10:30 am – 4:00 pm, Madness!! Classes got canceled for this event. However we, student, gotta go back with bunch of brochures and information about food and hotel stuff that somehow link with this Material Management class. 

I love the Wine Tasting booth, but I hate one Booth so much, stuck up totally! Both male and female, Oh man I wouldn’t buy a single bottle from them. It’s not like their wines taste soooo damn great; errmmm Seriously I tried one of their products and I almost puke right on the spot! Right in front of them! I think most  people know this brand well though. 

I was fashionably latteeeeeeeee for the event, didn’t get to sign my attendant, whatever I will get the report done any way; even if you give me a “D”.

More pictures to come for the rest of the event, plus my classmates took part in 3 competitions! I must say they are really good at what we’ve been studying for like wow 4 years? 

They’ve done us and the school proud! We went home after that event with 2 awards!! Bravo!!!

1st Runner up for Fruit Crafting

Great Job for the Chef from Bangladesh! 

Great job Girl!

Some Detail – very very detailed!

Way to go Babe!!!! 

Now let see the cooking competition! I love the ambience in the Kitchen, Love the flame and the smell of the food they’re making – wish I could taste it too though! Looked so mouthwatering yummy! Actually most of my friends were going hoo haa with the handsome chefs! haha but I’m more concerned of what they were gonna create!

Let look at our excellent Chef Mac:)

Preparing at his own station XD
Saute-ing his food with maximum love!

Preparing the dishes ready for food 

 Now come my favourite part! XD

& Garnishing – Mad Hungry!

Taaa Daaaa!!!

congratz Mac!!!! Great Job!

Well they only announced his nationality; but somehow we managed to know that we got something back to da hood!

The next one: our Chef Pae πŸ™‚ Seafood Dish πŸ™‚ Though he didn’t get any award at but at least he earned experience! Great job bro! 

In Process of marinating his baby

preparing frying pan for the big shot!

ready to rock the pan baby!

There go Shake it stir it!

Ah! My Fav shot!

 Woo Hoo! Don’t burn the whole place down!
Almost ready now…

 Getting ready to land you in da plate

Taaaa daaaa!!!!

 I would Say they both done a great job! Amazing and Man! I wish I could taste all of the dishes they made on that day!

Hotelier,watch out for these two Chefs!

Up next is the Housekeeping Department section, I must say I love her dress and I love her overall makeup and stuff. Make-up the bed was really funny competition…you gotta make the bed and dancing in the same time while you’re making it -_-” tiresome man! I think its one of the most interesting competition besides the Food & Beverage, Bartender competition section.

Beautiful outfits and Nice hairdo sis! Great Job though!

N’ View & Some others participants

N’View & Us (Chinese Clan XD)

N’View and Celia

I like to be part of this kind of event but not in the competition LOL nah not for me – I’d prefer to roam around and try out food and bev from different booths XD!!

I was with the my Chinese friends though and they kinda like this kind of event and would of course like to visit the next time if we have more of this kinda stuff. Heard one of my friends went to the Champagne booth and try all sort of Champagnes! LOOL Maximum cute!

Trying the Beef steak at one of Beef Booth 
(sorry I can’t remember the name)
It was yummy I think they liked it alot! 

Visit another Beef Booth =X Eat and Eat and Eat!

We’re so Ready to Roam!

Let’s wander around for a bit and taste food and Bevs here and there =X

Can’t really remember the name of those food thought but I know one was from the frozen potato company and the egg was called “Khai Look Keay” Nicely garnished but looked too dry for me to taste πŸ˜›

Next station we walked over to the glassware section, it was interesting how they presented their products because they actually set up a bar, that came with the Bartender, Cocktail, liquors and even Coffee! Wow! we got stuck there for a bit LOL but those cocktails and coffee didn’t seem that appealing to us so we left after watching them shake their booties at the Bar  counter. 

Tired from walking so they sneak out for a rest and some “brotherlylovetalk” then we off for our early dinner =X bleah they were hungry so took them down to the food court, Wah! major headache so many Chinese from Hong Kong XD Nice!

We stopped by to look at this baby for a bit before we walked straight to our paradise on earth *Food Court*

Moi Food =X So Spicy I can’t take it!

Celia’s set meal from Korean Stall

After early dinner we headed back to the event for a bit to get our names signed and make sure we had our attendant checked! stopped over a bit at the Info system for hotel & F&B software, kinda interesting how they integrated the whole system into a total different department but I mean I know how it works, most of my classmates been working in the hotel with experience of at least 3 years so…however we gotta interview and learn more about it – ask for the insight from the experts always the best solution and try to operate it so We know what to write in our reports πŸ˜›

 On the BTS back home stopped by somewhere called Victory Monument for some walk and pic :))

Long day that day and really tired cos I went for Resident Evil 4. Mad love that movie – bloody almost every scene!!!!!

Ah I better go get my report done now…. One more coming up baby joob joob

Life always not that easy but if life is that easy…then it won’t be so interesting and there will be nothing interesting to write in each chapter of our lives. 


God Bless y’all xoxo

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