Coyote Mexican Restaurant & the return of long Hair

Man I can’t stand having that Short hair like a lil Korean boy so I decided to go back to Basic! Long hair is my love!

11 Sep 2010 Here I come Central Ladprao! 

Taaa Daaaa! Back to Long hair! Instant Long Hair!

Since its Friday I guess I’m gonna go out catch up with Paweena for a bit! yeah and I’mma flaunt my new hair and put on a nice dress hehe :))

Met with Paweena for a nice chat and some finger foods left her around midnight and thought it was gonna be an early night but too bad I gotta head to Khaosan road with sis Nan. I didn’t wanna go back to my dorm and not being able to go online and do my stuff  so might as well go out – now Children please don’t follow my example hehe you could be sleeping in bed or read some book if the internet is not working not out partying like me eh?

Woke up on Saturday and I feel kinda like a bit light headed so been sleeping all day! Woke up like around almost midnight and I started tidy up my room! yeah I’m weird! I know I clean my room and make sure my room is neat and clean 🙂 Then went to bed around 4 am haha Madness my body alarm clock gonna go haywire again! but seriously I’m not at all ready for this Semester…Very stressful one!

Woke up on Sunday and I felt like I need to do something good so there I go called up my girl pal and headed out to Wat Hua Lumphong again to make some donation at the Community. I have another friend joining us well…Swedish friend 🙂

He has that Serial Killer look isn’t he?

It was weird as he was asking me out for coffee but I turned him down. I invited him to join me and my girl for the coffin donation instead – surprisingly he agreed to meet us at Sam Yan MRT station!

After we done with the coffin donation, we headed to Silom area for some Mexican Treat!! I love it there though especially the Margarita XD Maximum love! We ordered the Mixed plate Grilled and of course I go for Margarita and we were there just nice for the Happy Hour! buy 1 get 1!! Awesome!

Lychee Margarita Yum!

Mixed Plate Grilled with 3 different dipping 

I had 1 Lychee Margarita and Mango Margarita it was yum! Nan had Hot Tea as she was not feeling so well with her tummy. My Swedish friend had himself Ginger Ale well I think its kinda nice afternoon to have such a nice company and good food. Very interesting conversation and getting cozy in the city despite the rainy day in Bangkok.  

That would be me and Sis Nan 🙂

The Scandinavian and Me 🙂

Well I like this one better *heart*

After the Mexican place Nan decided to head back home as she wasn’t feeling so great so me and my Scandinavian friend went out on a hunt for some nice place to sit down chill out and of course beer and peoplewatched. We had a great time talking about everything I was surprised that he actually knows how to take the public transportation unlike me…I’m such a taxi queen! Shame on me for being half Thai!

We have some camwhored moment there while having a beer along Patpong street, it was my first time in that area. I know I’ve been living and traveling to Thailand many times but I’ve never really like going to Silom Surawonges or Patpong area, yeah that must mean something. 

We met a very interesting guy, he’s a chef and supposed to fly off to Shanghai to work in one of the hotel; it was his first time to fly to Shanghai and work with the Chinese so he was a bit nervous and scared. He bought us 2 rounds of Tequila Woo hoo! My favourite drink! So basically we been mixing drinks and stuff XD Madness!

Me getting a bit tipsy there…

We departed with Daniel the American Chef, and headed to Saxophone whoo! yeah I love Jazz music and we were there having a drink and I went up to sing with the band for a bit it was fun.

We kissed good night to Bangkok around 1 am as the Saxophone closed and so we gotta go home. Hoo! What a Sunday! Perfect Sunday!

I gotta think about what I wanna do for my upcoming birthday though, I guess just gonna be Bowling and some little food with the Chinese friends and Khaosan Road as usual 🙂


God Bless everyone


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