Merit Day =D

What a Lovely Day! I’ve got a date!! Of course with my sis! Good friend and yeah everything! We have a date to visit 2 temples in one fine day! or rather at last. 

1. Wat Hualumphong – take the Subway (MRT) to Sam Yan station and exit at the exit 1 there it is the Temple and the coffin donation community

2. Wat Phu Khao Thong – Take taxi from Wat Hua Lumphong to the nearby area because it just around the area (near Khaosan Road too =D maximum love) yeah we were there for purely merit making no other motives!

I didn’t get a chance to take pictures of Wat Hualumphong though because we were busy making donations and writing down names and birthdays for everyone we could think of. However I got pics from the Golden Mountain temple! My first time for both temples and the Golden mountain temple was a real breathtaking worth the climbed up =)

I didn’t mean to be camwhoring at that time but really it was tiring.

After the temples we went to Platinum mall and guess what Sis took me to Platinum Mall by Boat! my first time again XD Mad love her because I really wanna try this stuff and it kinda good though hehe 😀

Of course after a long day of walking making merit, and shopping Sis took me to eat some Chinese food nearby the Platinum Mall XD I had Black chicken soup and Steam fish Maximum love! what a treat!!

After our early Dinner We went home straight as we were both so tired from walking and shopping – spent lots of money again haha but it was good though as we felt that we were being productive and very very pleasant for us XD I heart you sis! 


God Bless everyone!


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