Moo Ga Ta (BBQ Time!)

Took the my Chinese friends out to have some Thai BBQ nearby our apartment, it was really good, we all had a great time and this is actually the first time I saw the real “buffet eater” I mean They really eat heaps! nonstop, it was a buffet for 99 THB per pax I guess they definitely ate more than what they paid for!

We were camwhoring for a bit before we took off. 

that’s the Korean Lil boy 🙂

When we arrived at the Moo Ga Ta place. My Chinese friends acted as though like they were in HEAVEN!!

We spent about 3 hours eating at that place well yeah no alcohol of course =D I feel rather happy that everyone is happy! 

Happy Tummy & Sleepy Face!

As usual it was pouring again :(( we got on the taxi and reached home around 9ish pm 🙂


God Bless everyone!



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