Short hair is back…but not for long

What More can I say? Yeah I love to look different on every occasion but doesn’t mean that I have the luxury to do that every week! Just once in a while though πŸ™‚ I went to get my hair extension removed, cut and coloured wow it was kinda expensive day! 

Went out that day with my Chinese friend who just arrived in Bangkok less than a month to further study in my school Meh! not sure why they choose this school. 

He was sitting there like for 2 hours waiting for me not just that he was there to get into my head about how expensive my haircut and coloured was…basically he was just whinging a lot! what can I say he’s still a kid! 18 years old! It was fun to hang out with kid like him, he’s funny innocent and very naive :))

Taaa daaahhh!

At first when I left the hair salon the style looked pretty good to me and I was convinced that I’m not going for a hair extension ever again until my hair grows abit longer than this – after only 3 days that’s the max I gave myself time frame =P we went for a meal in Sizzler as my little boy wanted to try out the steak and stuff…

I’m not really a big fan of Sizzler but still can make do for just a meal though, I prefer home cooked food any time and I think you get to eat all you want and any kind of flavour you like πŸ™‚

After dinner we went to walk around for a bit and I found this cute hair accessories shop, so I went to try on some of the cutie stuff πŸ˜› Lame but really I kinda feel like a princess being surrounded by those cutie little things:)

I bought this one for change!

Let see when I get home I still am quite happy with the new haircut and colour :)) happy to da max with style but not so much with the length of the hair though…taking forever to grow man!

I put on this little cute hat and camwhoring around for a bit πŸ˜‰

Raining cats and dogs everyday here – meh I hate this kinda weather and somehow I know its gonna ruined my hairdo! I hate this! but anyway I got home just in time before the rain started going on all night. Thank God!


God Bless everyone!


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