Monsoon in Chiang Mai

I must sincerely apologise…of course to myself because I have been way too busy with school works and projects since school started and after my Chiang Mai trip. I was there on the first week of school – yeah cos I knew that, on the first week of the semester usually nothing much but the professors will give out the course objectives and course outlines. So I took this chance to get away before I really get myself into the school mode – for just 5 days but it was a good 5 days though. 

I was there helping friends at the “Discover Onyx Exhibition” it was at the OP place, the same building as Le Meridien Hotel, Chiangmai the heart of the city, Night Bazaar. It was basically raining almost everyday, I hate the rain though and I really don’t like it there very much especially in the city area because of flood and bad traffic- I went to see Ant one of my girl friends at the OP before I take over her shift the next day. It was good we went out to get lunch and Anusarn Market – we got ourselves a huge bowl of Hand made Thai noodle, in Red sauce (Khanom Jeen Num Ngiao) I love that heaps! also we got Hor Mhok Gai with sticky rice but it wasn’t that great though the taste just so plain and not much vegies in it. BLeah! that was fine :)) We still finished it!

Khanom Jeen Num Ngiao & Hor Mok Gai 

Meh! I got a chance to sit and chill at one of the Cafe called Surawongse Cafe next to the Surawongse hotel, it was pouring and yeah that didn’t stop me from having 2 pitchers of Chang Draft – well that was the only choice I’ve got -_-” next thing I know I was deadly smacked in the head by elephant!

The next day I report to work earlier than expected and in somewhat stable condition. 

Doi Tung Coffee keeps me alive! 

Luckily I didn’t have any bad hangover hehe! called me a drunkie or alchie I don’t give a damn but so long as I get my job done and neat – that’s all that matter!

After work we’ve got dinner (My friend and I) to go to I was pretty elated to see the old friend like Kyle and met with new friends those are teaching in some school in Chiangmai. I felt a bit like a nerd or dork LOL in a good way of course to have met these people – they are funny and cute though. We went to Riverside as usual for dinner then we headed off for Reggae Alley for some hip hop groove. Zoe in Yellow that was the place yeah, my friends and I always there after our dinner and stuff, We kinda like the music there.

After Zoe I went straight back to the guesthouse oh well gotta work the next day so what can I say?

@work day 2 – tad overdress I guess

I was at work for like 12 hours and I think I wanted to go to the No. 1 Bar after work for a chill out session and some pool games with my so called “Boss” that’s about it and also I was thinking of going to reggae alley again after that because the next day I’m gonna be on my way back to Bangkok and here I come school and hella homework!

I got a chance to try out different type of beers well I mean we 2 girls and I had a good pool games with my “Boss” yeah it was fun chill out chit chat football on screen and of course appetizer for the eyes 😉

We finished at the No. 1 bar around 1 am and it was raining heavily, meh I hate it we decided that we will pop by the Zoe in Yellow for a bit before we head back home to sleep. I didn’t wanna wear this fluffy dress to Zoe though, so I got a quick changed in the car into something totally chic! Jeans and Tank top! 

Oh yeah so we did Zoe Again!

Met with some of my “Boss” s friends and my new friend well it was a night to “remember” it was rather fun and crazy – I love that!

Left Reggae alley around 4 am and it was pouring

We left Reggae at 4 am and It was pouring damn hard just like my heart that was crying out loud for someone and something which I couldn’t even express it out by using words that I’m typing here. 

Hope you are happy now!


God Bless everyone. 



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