Chilled+ Soft Opening

After Luncheon with my girls on the very same day, I headed off to Pattanakarn Road for Chilled+ soft opening & of course I needed to tag Michelle along as I really missed hanging out with her.

Chilled+ Soft opening was held at Pattanakarn Road soi 61, a very cozy coffee shop, with free WiFi internet and gadget stuff for Blackberry and iPhone 🙂

We were there a bit earlier than expected..oh we got stuck in the traffic for quite sometimes, I tagged Michelle along and make sure she’s well entertained by ME!

We took the BTS to Mo Chit Station before changed to MRT
then headed to Praram 9 MRT station

Heading to Mo Chit MRT station…Praram 9 here we come!

We took the train from Ari BTS station to Mo Chit BTS station then change to MRT station. After we arrived at Praram 9 MRT station we took a taxi, heading toward Pattanakarn Road soi 61, Chilled+ is on the left side, about 500 m. away from the main road. 

The shareholders are paying respect to the Spirit of the Landloard in a very Auspicious day

By the time we got there, they were still setting up the place and cleaning up the area. I’m really proud of my friend who is very capable of running business, from Phuket to Bangkok…from Intern student in the kitchen to the executive chef and the Consultant for Catering company. Great Job Leo!


Chef Leo Making tea for the first guest of honor

I was there sitting around and looking around, and noticed that the theme of Chilled+ are Black & White, with a tad of red. 

simplicity is the best 🙂

nice simple setting for the soft opening

chilling out me..

Of course chilling with Heineken 😉

Michelle also chilling with her Heineken 😉

About 7 pm a group of family came in to wish the Chilled+ crew all the best and Good luck…I didn’t really noticed the family but the cute chubby little Chinese boy! 4 month old but he’s real chubby madness!!!!

baby mickey! Cute Lil chubby 🙂

and of course I get my hands on him, and I didn’t really wanna let him go…hmm

He’s pulling my hair!! 

Can’t help it really, 🙂 He’s really cute just like his beautiful mum.

His mum took him back from me as they were going home in a min.

Everyone and baby mickey 🙂

He’s the star, Baby Mickey awww…

Baby Mickey’s Nanny (s)

Michelle and I headed off around 8 pm as we have to go for dinner and some karaoke session 🙂 just to round off the day 😛

Yeah and this is my dear friend and his lovely girlfriend

We headed off Music Home Karaoke & Restaurant, for some yummy dinner, we were famished and can’t really be bothered to take picture anymore LOL! hungry man is an angry man =X

just a few pics of us ^_*

Michelle and her grumpy sister

Michelle & Me

Michelle round off the night with her singing ^_^

Good night everyone. We had a good time at Chilled+ and Music Home. 


Chilled+, Pattanakarn Road Soi 61 (opposite the Japanese Noodle house) before the Guard house of Muang Thong Ville.

Music Home Karaoke & Restaurant Ramkamhaeng Soi 24, turn right into Bangkok Inter Place hotel 600 m. away from the hotel or directly opposite Uon Ai Rak Restaurant.

God Bless Everyone *Hug & Kisses*


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