Beautiful Day…Delicious Meal!

After a trip down to the beach, I’ve been busy with school work and in fact I’m glad I made that last minute decision…it was more than worth it 🙂 Back to school and I’ve been pretty busy but I had fun and I really enjoy working with the Chinese I think we have a lot in common in terms of dealing with the official issues. Butttt….I never forget to take the time off and get together with my lovely ladies 😉 awesome meeting this time, great food, good laugh and of course pictures!!!

Venue: Baan Mae Yui, Ari Samphan soi 1
Time: 13:00 hr.

The place and venue was set by Michelle, my lovely sister who just got back from Singapore, Pi Jeab and also P’ Ohsie or Mummy Ohsie, She’s about 6 months preggy now 😀 I can’t wait to see her baby!! By the way did I mention that I also met with Pi Ohsie during my trip to Pattaya and she was so kind to have me on the way back to Bangkok together with her family =D beautiful and Kindhearted too!!! 

I must admit that Michelle has quite a taste for restaurant and stuff like this. We nestled ourselves in a very homely restaurant called “Baan Mae Yui”  I was told by Michelle the history of how this restaurant came about. Very interesting…Indeed. 

Baan Mae Yui Restaurant a doll-house style set in the garden in a Thai old house, with colorful painted chairs (table set), located next to the Ratchakru House; the beginning of Soi Ari Samphan 1. You can take BTS to Ari station, get off from BTS and take motorbike taxi from the market to the restaurant, cost about 10 THB and there you be at The yummy place for the hungry tummy!

Khun Atchara Chiewsakul or Mae Yui the owner; the daughter of General Phao Sriyanont and Khunying Udomluck Sriyanont. Back in those days the Ratchakru House often have guests coming by therefore the house gotta prepare a sumptuous meal to welcome the guests. Khun Atchara always been interested in cooking therefore the family recipes been passed on to Khun Atchara especially the Western Cuisine, and it was her children’s favourite cuisine. 

Khun Atchara used to live abroad with her children, while they were at school she decided to take a short course at “Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School” with her passion for pastry and bakery since High school time, she took the course in Bakery and later adapted and adjusted her recipes to suit the Thais, and here is it “Baan Mae Yui” Restaurant. She implemented what she had learn in school with the traditional Ratchakru recipes, by adjusted and adapted the some of the ingredients to produce a new taste and the challenge to the taste-buds of the food lovers.

Baan Mae Yui Restaurant is consider as one of the Original Home-Made restaurant, They use only Good Quality Ingredient, Freshly pick from the market and the style of cooking that gives you the taste of “feel like home” Where you can really eat the Tiger Prawn a Real huge one! or even the other dishes. Trust me, order anything on the menu and you won’t regret!

Mae Yui’s Bakery: Khun Atchara bakery product is very famous for the texture and thickness and richness of the cake, the soft and supple cake that melt in your mouth, Khun Atchara guaranteed that she only picks the best and fresh raw materials from Dairy products, to the process of making. No Preservation and Freshly baked day-to-day product. 

Recommended: Blueberry Cheese Cake, 

Apple Crumble

Krathon Loy Kaew (Santol in Ice and sweet syrup based)

“Baan Mae Yui” offer 3 different set menus; Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and the setting for the cutlery will also change according to the set menu. 

We were there for Lunch and it was great though.

I was running a bit late though as I’ve got some stuff to settle in school before rushing my tired old soul out to see the girls. They’ve already started order some appetizer dishes like “Deep Fried Spring rolls” and “Pork Satay” I didn’t get a chance to snap a shot of my lovely springrolls but will sure do the next time I visit.

Pork Satay comes with pickled cucumber and red onion 

Thai style grilled skewers of pork (could be chicken or mutton or beef just like how we have in Singapore) served with a rich peanut-based sauce blended with Asian style chili oil and a twist of rice wine vinegar and pickled cucumbers and red onion.

There is it! The last piece of Spring Roll in Michelle’s Hand!

Thank God I arrived just a nick of time, they leave some for me to try out =P it was really good, the dipping sauce was really smooth and blended in together so well! I have to admit that I hate peanut but I’m amazed at how the little details of the food could be well prepared and I just totally forgot about the “peanutty” issue for once.

I ordered “Baan Mae Yui” ice Coffee, cute packaging, small bottle with a little logo of the old lady on it. Coffee taste way better than in “Starbucks” and “Coffee Bean”, Rich in Cream and refreshing!

We were talking for a bit settle in and Teased around with each other, until we all ready to  move pass the Satay and Springroll. I didn’t have a good look at the menu though, Gosh I was famished! can’t blame me, Hungry man is an angry man! We all ordered different dishes.

Michelle orderer “Khao Pad Talay Dued” Spicy Fried Rice Seafood *just look at the prawn!*

Mummy Ohsie Ordered “Kwue Teaw Nam Tok with Pig Organs” Noodle in thick soup with Pig organs 

Jeab she didn’t wanna take picture with her food so yup, she ordered “Chicken Sukiyaki” Seriously the Sukiyaki dipping was simply awesome to the max! rich in peanut-based and thick, yet so delightful in taste that gives a heavenly taste in your mouth!

She didn’t wanna take with her Sukiyaki =D

I ordered the same thing as Ohsie though and the pig organs…it was so fresh that we didn’t  get that fishy smell from the organs. 

During the meal we were having a conversation about the birth plan of Ohsie’s baby, which due in November. She planned to go through the natural birth plan but again she was having a second thoughts about having a Cesarean Section. Oh! ya! She’s having her babyshower like in late September, but I’m afraid that Michelle would be here though she could be back in Singapore by that time.

We were also talking about the singlehood and Michelle’s love life! it was indeed a terrific day and great catching up session for us. It was truly fantastic by the end of the meal and we were getting ready for some dessert. 

I went over to have a good look at the dessert with Ohsie; she got herself Apple Crumble and I got myself a nice refreshing Thai Dessert Krathon Loy Kaew. Jeab and Michelle didn’t wanna get anything as their dishes were kinda filling 😉 but of course we shared the dessert and dig it in! Madness of eating session we had there.

We took the liberty of taking some photos and camwhoring around the restaurant for a bit both in between the meal and after the meal….that’s how we got heap of photos here 😛

Unfortunately I can’t upload the last set of pictures due to some technical problem as it rejected my pictures!!! could it be the network in my dorm or the server on blogger?

Anyway doesn’t matter, all I know is that we had a great time and we also enjoyed the food heaps! Maybe the next post will be one Baby shower from Ohsie :)) can’t wait, really!
We will join force again :)….Till next time 🙂

PS: The weather in Thailand Kindabit crazy, as monsoon season is here, Do take care everyone & Please carry an umbrella with you ^_* xx

God Bless everyone *hug*



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