I’ve been mad busy with the hectic schedule, final exam and outing with friends. Felt kinda overwhelmed by the whole things, the summer course finally ended, but the monsoon season still here… it’s wild wild wet Bangkok baby…

I received an invitation to visit a close friend of mine or rather my God-Mother who is now residing in Pattaya, Cholburi province; It is an hour and a half off from Bangkok. Pattaya is a perfect place for investment though, I’ve been there in the year 2008, but didn’t get a chance to explore much of the area as I was there for the staff party, while I was working for an the local inbound tour company. 

The night before was madness, as I went out to see my good friends and had a drink with them until like around 4:45 am. I didn’t pack my bag and wasn’t sure if I could make it to Pattaya the very next day afternoon, but all I know I need to get the hell outta Bangkok.

Woke up around 2 pm ran in for a quick shower and headed out to Mo Chit BTS station, heading to Ekkamai BTS station, then head out to find the Bus terminal. I managed to get the on the van at 3:35ish pm Bangkok-Sattaheep, whoa! I was so relieved that I got on the right van, as this is my first time traveling to Pattaya on my own and to the unknown place (God know which condo my God mum living in). It took about an hour and a half to get to the place where my God mum lives, she was taken by surprised that I arrived there earlier than expected. Obviously because the Deadly-Satan van driver just whacked all of his energy he could on the accelerator peddle! Wicked but I kinda like it!  

Great view from the 24th floor, Breathtaking view!

I arrived in the area my God mum live around 6:25 pm, they picked me up at the intersection, and we went back to the apartment and did some cooking as I settled myself in, later that evening my little angel showed me around her place, it was lovely and breathtaking especially the view of the whole city of Pattaya and the beach from the 24th floor. I could even see the Coral island and the small islands that my God father usually goes for diving. 

My God mum cooked that evening so it was kind of a family treat for me(I’ve been longing for home-cook food πŸ˜‰ yumm). I love home-cook food though, especially her cooking – the dishes were really delicious. My God mum could cook really well especially Danish Food Pastry and Thai cuisine.

After Dinner we had a good chat, beer and a good laugh at the balcony. I’ve missed them so much, they’ve moved from Chiang Mai to Pattaya for about 5 months now. Glad to see them again and have a good talk about everything. We have got loads to update each others. Around 10 pm God Mum made us Irish coffee πŸ™‚ hmm Yummm… I learn some new recipes again on this trip πŸ˜‰

ignore the breakfast picture though *_^

The first night I was there we went to bed at 3:05 am wow! I mean we had so much to talk about and I had a great time talking to God mum as she has been giving me her words of wisdom, and those are really useful.. or rather mean a lot to me. In a way, the way she approached me was more of like friend whereby she gave me the freedom to speak, think, and do whatever I want. However if I need support or advice, or opinion from her she’ll always be there to give one. 

The next day I woke up and prepared the breakfast table with God mum, we were having Breakfast at the balcony; Great weather and God dad was getting ready to head out for diving with his friends. We girls gonna get ready after breakfast and head out to the beach too! πŸ˜€ 

Ready to hit the beach! 

We walked over to the beach nearby the condo, and settle down at the Jomtien Beach near the 7 11, just a couple of block away from the condo. 

My Little Angel and God mum looked so brown LOL and I even remember calling Jannet Brownie! I like the tanned they are having right now…wish I could be that tanned!

Beer, ice cream, Food, Books

Started order some fresh seafood and Somtum, I get to try the fresh crab in Somtum too!!! I didn’t dare to eat it but God mum said it’s fresh so give it a go! While Jannet was out playing at the beach by herself, God mum and I were busy eating and reading some books we brought with us. It was fun and relaxing day for us.

from the clockwise

Top left picture: Som Tum Pu Sod (Papaya Salad with fresh crab) very hot and spicy so you gotta tell the waitress/waiter how do you want it to be like.
Top right picture: Yum Hoy Klaeng (Blanch Cockle Salad in chili,lemon grass, and red onion) Oohhh Lala! I love this, very spicy yet sweet!
Brunch before heading out to the beach: The Croissant and Coffee with milk 
Lastly: Fresh Oyster dressing with spicy sweet sour sauce (Thai style of dipping sauce for Seafood)

I thought I would be having stomach upset or food poisoning from eating all these sinfulicious food but surprisingly I was fine or rather we were fine!

We headed home around 4 pm, as we felt a little itchy from the sea water. I wasn’t even sure if the water is clean to swim though as I’ve heard a lot about Pattaya from my friends and I’ve never try once…but now. Indeed it was damn itchy and so unbearable…
We had sort of program to go out to the city on my second day there…God mum was being so kind to take me to “Pattaya Walking Street“, we heard that they’re having some sort of Night Market during the festival or the Public Holiday. Oh! I forgot on 12 August marked as a very important day in Thailand, it is represent Mother’s Day also it is our Queen, Her Majesty’s Birthday. So Jackpot I get to spent the Mother’s day with my god mum and holiday with the family :D. 

We left home around 9:30ish pm, we didn’t drive though just decided to take a Mini bus, the weather seemed so right, so we didn’t take umbrella with us. Little than we expected, The Central Pattaya was raining like a maniac! so we ran into the shopping next to the Marriot Hotel Pattaya, waited for less than an hour we then walked out to the Walking Street
Along walking street 

Candy shop and Margarita 

We decided to settle ourselves at Candy shop, chilled out for a bit and watched the B-Boy breakdance, we both enjoyed doing the people watched stuff, I’ve never been in this area before so it was kind of an eye opening experience for me. I’ve seen the best and the worst Ladyboys at the same place. It was kind of entertaining – not sure if I like this part though, but I’m sure love the home-cooked food and the beach.

Candy Shop and the girls

We had 2 Carafes of Blended Margarita, then decided to go inside for beers and live band music. We met with some friends inside…was kinda surprised though but turned out to be such a great night out! sounded more of like a Scandinavian night! because most of them came from Norway, Denmark, and Sweden so I wasn’t very sure what I was doing there LOL! We took some pics with the ladyboys too, well we asked if we could share the table with them πŸ˜› so better be nice. 

Great Live band music and awesome company!

I had a blast that night, later on we found out that we were gonna be in there for quite a bit because it was raining heavily out there. It was already 4 am yet we still dancing all the way until the pub closed. We got home around 4:45 am and I was famished so I went to get some food from the fridge for potato wedges and drink, later on there was a blackout in the building…Spooky!!. God mum went to bed as we gotta be up early to go fetch some Danish bread and breakfast.

Woke up drove out to BB House, got Danish Croissant and some Danish Bread.

What do they have there?

Jannet and God mum went to pick up the bread and pay, off we go and pick up God mum’s youngest brother at the place where they picked me up the other day. Headed back home after picking up uncle. Had breakfast and as usual good talk good laugh :))

on the 15 August we have the guests coming over for God mum’s birthday dinner. I was so excited, the folks went out during the day to get some groceries done, prepared the food. 

Ohhh God Mum made the Danish Hot Dog with Toasted bun Really yummy! I really enjoy eating too much…but not putting on any weight!

Danish Sausage with Onion, Remoulade Let, and Danish ketchup

Jannet and I went out for a swim and some sun tanning session :)) Love her to the max. Uncle came down to find us at the swimming pool later on too. 
I saw many handsome lads LOL they were truly a pleasure for my eyes or rather an appetizers before my main course πŸ˜›

Dinner Night

Me, God Mum and Pi Aom

We had about 3 Guests over that night, kinda small gathering and very family-like, I love it though. After the wine and dine, we girls decided to go down to Cafe Le Mar for a drink and chill out. Then P Aom suddenly had an idea that we should go out tonight to Pattaya Excite!! I wasn’t sure where is that place, but later she took us there. It wasn’t so happening as we thought so we decided to go back to the same pub we went last night. The Candy Shop Here we come!

Cafe Le Mar & Next Stop Candy Shop

Happy Birthday Mor!!!

The Singer Sang Birthday Sex for the Birthday Girl!

I had a great night out again as usual, Soaked in rain but we had fun so much fun. I didn’t prepare the cake, so went to Family Mart to get the Banana cupcake and candles, I didn’t know what to get for her, but I’m glad that she liked it and she was actually touched by that lil thing I did for her. 

We girls headed home around 4 am that night, the mothers gotta get their kids back home and put someone to bed πŸ˜‰ I was a bit tipsy that night hehe…

Heading back to Bangkok on 15 August afternoon, before that I made an arrangement to meet with one of my preggy friend and her husband at the Marriot Hotel, for lunch as I’m gonna go back with them… Gonna be a pleasant trip!

After lunch we went to some antique shop to look at some decor for her garden and newly renovated living room. They are preparing for the baby πŸ˜€ kinda excited though 

Aite feeling the laziness is creeping all over me – till next time then…

See You again next trip Pattaya.


God Bless everyone xx

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