The Usual Ritual…

It’s been a bit of a routine for me and my girl to meet up on Friday night. That’s so national day! We have whole lots of stuff to update each other and of course good place to go for nice music and food.

We Agreed, that we’re getting a bit sick of the same old place and the next time round we gonna start scouting for our new “hotspot”. Been consuming too much of Khaosan Road and kind of get a bit sick of it. 
The band on last Friday was terrible, the girls couldn’t sing, the band didn’t really bring it on. It was a rather quite a night. 

Before that I was a lil bit overwhelmed by some tiny lil issue on my own, it was really such a let down to see myself like that. Bonus, some prick just really ruined it all! I didn’t wanna think or talk about it. Seriously! Jog on!

Here are the pixies =D

I tried the “Cantaloupe Vodka Blended” Wow! Madness! It was good though, strong enough to keep me go slow on beer. I ended up having a terrible headache and I could hear the throbbing sound LOL seriously! 

Cantaloupe Vodka Blended

Utter Honestly, I’m a HUGE FAN OF TEQUILA & BEER, not that I’m such an Alch+ish but I mean it Beer and Tequila could knock on my door any time of the day. Just Love them.

Tried to do the Lover pose like in the Magazine 😛 Guess I’ve failed

It was kind of crazy night after the vodka kicked into our system. I don’t like the feeling, still I managed to enjoy myself as much as I could, and realised later that I was on my way to Gazebo!

I caught him off guard…So naughty eh? I turned around and ran towards him and shout out loud “Good night! See you when you see me! and gave him the BIG HUG” 

School for me tomorrow – So I better sign out. 


God Bless everyone 

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