My comfort food

It’s not something Fancy but it’s one of the simplest dish you can make anytime you like. Doesn’t need to have all the complicated ingredients but just simple ones.

Stir fried spaghetti with Basil, chili and garlic( I don’t know what to called it though)

What you need to have…

1. Spaghetti
2. Butter
3. Salt
4. Extra Virgin Olive oil
5. Basil Leaf (can be Thai freshly picked Basil from the market if you can’t find Italian Basil)
6. Dried Chili (small dried chili, keep the seeds on)
7. Garlic ( recommend to use the big clove of chili like what we normally use in Singapore not the small clove garlic like in Thailand)
8. If you like bacon or baby clam (scientific name: Undulated Surf Clam)

Let’s get it over with! 

1. Now you gotta get the spaghetti ready, blanch it and let it cool down

2.Finely chopped garlic, basil leaf, dried chili and bacon if you wanna add it on later. 

3. For baby clam if you wanna put it you just gotta clean it well, soak it in the water if you happen to buy from fresh market. Usually before we wanna cook baby clam we need to blanch it first yeah but for this case we gonna stir fried it with the spaghetti and other stuff, so we don’t need to blanch it; also this way will help to preserved the taste of the fresh baby clam.

4. If you like to use extra virgin oliver oil, use it. I prefer to use butter when come to cooking such a menu because it gives out a lil something special taste to the food. So whack about a cube of butter into the hot pan.

5. Once the butter gives out the aroma whack the finely chopped garlic stir for a bit before putting the bacon/baby clam in until the shells start to open up then follow by spaghetti into the pan. Stir for a bit 

6. Add the finely chopped basil and dried chili, stir alil bit here and there, now the seasoning part. Taste a bit of the spaghetti, see if you need a pinch of salt but if you opt for bacon then you might have to go light on salt. Also you can eat it with rocket vegie.

That’s all!! you can now enjoy your simple dish. Honestly I simply just whack whatever in it and just taste it before serving…I can be quite picky when come to food and drink.

This is what I’ve made I didn’t get a chance to go to the store due to my personal issue “Laziness” so just use whatever I’ve left…. 

Taaa daaaaa

ignore the egg please 😛 just love to eat it with yellow mustard n spaghetti…must say I’m a weirdo.

You can actually use this as a side dish, accompany by freshly sliced out strawberry. For the  amazing grilled lamb… It is so wonderful, I love grilled lamb but you gotta marinate it with herbs like; thymes or rosemary, pinch of salt & black pepper, a lil bit of Olive oil, a lil of red wine — 

Brrrrr! I don’t know its up to you whatever you like you see… or you can just get the recipes off the google or our naked chef Jamie Oliver

See so simple yet delightful, you can snuggle up with your favourite movie in a rainy day. Stay in making your dishes and be creative with it 🙂 just play around with the ingredients and you may discover some interesting taste to your taste-bud.

Where as for the “Pesto” homemade pesto, I watched Jamie Oliver: The naked chef the other day and I found the recipe off his show 😉 you could adapt and adjust to your own liking. I still prefer the original way, Oh! I must say I love Italian cuisine it just so fantastic and delightful :).

Here’s the website for Jamie Oliver’s great recipes and many more ….. 

and for those who wanna know how to make pesto, oh you can just make a whole lot of it and store it in the fridge!
Public Holidays here in Thailand, Asalha Bucha Day & Buddhist Lent Day. Hope that everyone will be out making some merit with family and loved ones. I prayed for the world peace and peace be with Thailand. Heard about the awful news that broke out yesterday about the bomb in front of the Big C Super Store(at the bus stop) and Central World around Siam area. Result: 1 Dead and 9 Injured; I really hope that Thai people will pull through this again one more time and stop all the stupid idiot moron knob jockey from ruining the nation. For the Sake of the innocent lives and our King. 

Hope everyone is having a great holiday wherever you are, regardless of race or religion. 
United we stand.

God bless everyone 

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