You are The Reason I’m out Tonight…

Honestly speaking I’ve been out and about A LOT WAY TOO OFTEN! I gotta stop. Well that’s one of the most important night because my girlfriend came from Chiangmai and she hasn’t seen me for almost 2 months yup! That’s why I have to go! Here am I 999 West!!

Knowing I have 3 exams coming up on Monday and I only have 2 days to study J but I know I can do it!!

 That’s my Girl – Ant

 Guitar, Ant, Me

 Ant Just adores this shot!

Our new friend – He Plays drum in one of the Band here 

 Trying my best to look cute =X

 He’s way too tall and Cute looking for Thai

 He Said “Stand up, don’t sit down” Shit I’m short!

Love u girls 

See you in Chiang Mai — Soon na ka Pi Ant ^_^

God Bless everyone.



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