Instant Happiness…

I had a great night out with my girlfriends last night, met with many people, even though we left home quite late but still we had a great time. We didn’t drink much we were just crazily dancing the night away…I must say the Latina/Latino really know how to work their ass on the dance floor. I’m glad that Giselle came along with Franco (her younger brother) Oh! He was hell of a great dancer! I love that chico!

I left my friend’s place around 3 pm, after got off the BTS I marched my way towards the bus stop searching for the Van; another kind of minibus that takes passengers to only certain destinations but of course you gotta get on the right one otherwise you will be lost. I got on the van and seated comfortably at the back, as I was watching people walking around the JJ weekend market, I saw a familiar face that I thought I knew him for sure – there he was a friend that I recently met. We smiled. As he walked passed by and I started listening to my music from my iPhone and let my mind wandering around thinking about many things; the weather was kind of gloomy as though like it was going to rain. About 20 minutes later I got off the van at the bus stop nearby my place, the heavy rain was pouring right just the second I got off…I didn’t have an umbrella with me so I decided to ran into 7/11 to grab a cigarette and hide there for a while. 

Thank God the heavy downpour wasn’t there for too long; it was still a bit of drizzling though but I decided to walk my way down the street with my music in my ears and waited for the motorbike taxi. I just wanna get back to my room, I missed my bed and I miss my laptop. I miss everything in my room.

I got home keep myself busy with the STAR MOVIES and chatting with Giselle on msn, we were talking about short term happiness and the side-effect of party/booze to our moods and routines the very next day. I have been thinking about this for quite a while –
What do we get from drinking, smoking? What do we get from party? When we go out party and have a great laugh and trying to put on a happy face are they really happy or are they just driven by the booze and the rowdy music? 
 I’m sure everyone has his/her own reasons for doing it right.

Each time I left the party, I often wondered if that was really the happy me or was it just the booze, the music and company that made me laugh and happy?  

I know for sure that after the happy night out, spent lots of money on booze, random conversation with the strangers, make new friends, and do the things you never thought you would when you were sober. I like meeting new people, exchanging opinions and experiences, but sometimes I’d rather feel a bit sick of doing it (too much) but never really get too tired of people-watching. 

I must admit that alcohol does give us temporary happiness or what I called 
“Instant Happiness”
Instant happiness tastes exactly like Instant noodle, you take only few minutes to boil water, pour water onto it, cover, and bang! less than 3 minutes you can have your yummy easy-go noodle. The moment you start eating it, it taste really yummy and hassle free. But the moment you finished that bowl of noodle your happiness is gone too. However the most important thing is that, We all must know and realise that there’ll always be up and down in life; so when we are happy just have to remind ourselves that one day sadness will also occurs. Nothing lasts forever, everything is unpredictable. 

I’m on a quest in searching for Long term happiness without having to rely on booze or anything that doesn’t benefit me in a long run. 

But how could I resist? the temptation always there. I love to party but I love myself more. I must say that unlimited booze and Fun night out with great company are a good way to unwind, and meeting new people, that also give us a chance to explore and expand our horizon. However that should be done in a good proper moderation. Alcohol, cigarette can give you the happiness for one night but it doesn’t guaranteed your lifetime happiness. In fact the very next day when you wake up you may even have a bad hangover and that whole day of yours is ruined, with you ended up in bed and unable to eat. There’s a pro and con to everything I guess…

Maybe my happiness doesn’t include that Prince in a shining armor, but all I know right now I’m on my way in searching for that happiness and be the better person. 

Good luck to everyone on the never ending journey…One Life Live it!

God Bless you all.
Love.Peace xoxo

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