Freshy Day: Bai Sri Su Kwan (Thai Tradition) & Midterm Exam

Recently I have been taking part in School activities. It was an eye-opening experience for me, because I have never really put my hand on this kind of stuff. Freshy Day marks a very important day of College/university student’s life and also I think for Thai culture they also have somewhat insert the Buddha’s teaching and ceremony into this whole event. Started from 7 am, Merit making ceremony and Bai Sri Sukwan. Bai Sri Su kwan is a kind of ceremony that seems to be very spiritual and important for Thai culture and new students, it is the part whereby all the professors in the campus will be taking part in it and they will be giving their blessings to new students and give a warmth welcome speech. It was a full day activity, also on that day we had the local rock band came to rock the house of SPU 🙂 The Bodyslam!

I was up all day until 2 am to help up with the Bai Sri, The Thai Ornate or Tray that full of beautiful flowers; that using the methods like sewing flowers and banana leaf together and composed them into something extravagance. Thais usually use this Bai Sri in honor of the religion and important events.

Can you believe it I actually know how to do it?

 and I actually sit like a ladylike!

 We were half way through – this is only the first one
 The master of all these fabulous design
 I was making part of the Flower – it was painstaking but it was worth it to see the beautiful outcome of the whole tray that was nicely decorated by all of our hard-work! It was painful to be sitting in this position all the way until 2 am but I really am very pleased with how I made it and turned out everyone was so surprised that I actually know how to do it and I was there to help up with such a delicate stuff.

Taaaa Daaa and The result of both Trays!

They are beautiful swans one in gold and one in silver represented Male and Female

We finished and wrapped up the whole place by 4 am. The rest of the guys were busy making the beautiful tent for the International college faculty of Hotel Management :)) it was a long day, but as much as I would like to complaint, the result of the teamwork just left me speechless :))

In the evening, there will be some competition like Prom King and Prom Queen like back in High school but this is much better because the student that participate in this competition will have to do a lot of work as in charity and promoting the school events and etc. The prizes are very attractive too 😀 unfortunately I would be too old to participate in this competition lol as in they only accept the freshment! 

It was such a surprised for us International College because Our Freshment who took part in this competition won the First runner up! and they were so cute and talented!!! Well we were so Happy for them and in the same time I guess it was kinda mixed emotions LOL It was unexpected! 

Right after everything was done, we got to enjoy ourselves with the rock bands, one was from our own SPU band, another one was from the local band the Bodyslam!

The band was getting ready to rock the house!

The whole event ended around 9 pm when the band finished playing. I left the campus earlier like around 7 pm. I’m not really a big fan of Thai music so yeah…

Midterm exams are coming right after we finished with the whole event that means we only have like 3 days to study for our midterms! Major Nightmare! 

Anyway we did all right for 3 subjects Statistics, Introduction to international Business and French! 

After exams we just rock the house – meh! joking There was no party or whatsoever, most of us were too busy with our own lives. but we still get to take some snapshots on the last day of the exam!

WOooo Hoooo! We’re done but we still have to fight during the Final exams…soon too which mean the end of summer course is near! Hooray!!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

God Bless everyone!

Love.Peace xoxo


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