Roll back "The World Cup" Fever!

Ok I know the World Cup 2010 is officially Over and I just found out I have so many old blog posts that yet to be updated. So Lets Roll back to the World Cup fever. 

I was at the Maccas reading up on my study, and catching up on homework with my friend from University. Suddenly something caught his attention and of course he mentioned “Khaosan Road” OH! Major Temptation and I was like “Okay lets go to Khaosan Road, plus tonight there’s a match going on Brazil vs something I can’t remember of…so we packed our stuff and Hopped on the cab. >_< How Could I resist such a great deal! People watching and Football match! Next station Khaosan Road! 
Less than 45 minutes we arrived at Khaosan road and the first place we went to was the Lava, then The road side Buckets called Gulf’s Place for a beer. Later on the place gotta closed early as the cops already set the troop around the corner so we moved to 
Khaosan Center..

The first time we were out watching football at this hour! well it wasn’t all that bad I made it to school the next day without the hangover >_<

The 1st night: 
We were at Lava, met with friends from Gazebo by chance; They were actually on their dayoffs and so it turned out to be a mini gathering and chit chat session before my friend and I decided to go for a bar hopping. 

We were at the Gulf’s Place for less than half an hour, as the cops closed down the place, so we headed to Khaosan Center!

Khaosan Center Full of people watching Brazil that night!

We were out until like 5 am that night haha! But I had fun though *Love it*

Well then again the second night I went out with my girl friend to watch another match at 999 West My new favourite hangout spot ๐Ÿ™‚ just love the rusty and and the antique ambience plus the live bands are so AMAZING there!

The 2nd night:

999 West!

I decided to tied my hair like a lil cute girl that night as I feel like I need some changes for myself…Well nothing much still the same old face..

The 3rd Night:

The 3rd night I decided to go a bit jazzy, and just relaxing with my girl at the Jazz Pub and Restaurant called The Saxophone. The Saxophone has been around since 1987, they serve Mainly Thai cuisine and also international dishes to go along with of course Yummy cocktails and Their own Signature Saxophone Beer. I must say the taste rather similar to the Hoegarden, and some other beer mixed together…My tastebud must have gone busted or temporarily out of service. 

The Antique Collection of the Saxophone since 1987
 One of my Favourite Drinks – Strawberry Margarita

If you pop by on Monday night and Wednesday night you will get to see Mr. Saxman, or Koh Mr. Saxman. The best Saxophonist in Thailand (I mean in my opinion he’s really talented and humble)

Yes Yes! There he is! Mr. Saxman

I personally Love to listen to Jazz, Blue and Live concert. Oh! yeah another kind that I like would be Opera and Plays. I used to watch it with my ex-beau back at home in Singapore and I was deeply touched by the powerhouse and the great scores. They are really something aren’t they.

The 4th night:

Back again to Khaosan Center! This place has become one of the favourite hangout place and best for peoplewatching place… friendly waitresses and waiters even though sometimes they can be a bit racists, but what can I say this place always filled with the tourists so they don’t really expect the Thais to go there. It doesn’t really bother me that much because I don’t care… so long as we get our drinks and you don’t show us attitudes you’ll be saved darling ๐Ÿ˜‰

Actually that night there wasn’t any Football match going on but my friends just wanna hangout so I agreed to meet them at the same place ๐Ÿ˜› Lame eh?

After Khaosan Center we went to this place called The Club. It was kinda ERRRr Euro-trance and House music, I’m ok with that but the thing is I’m too old for that stuff and I guess most of us were a lil pissed as we had too much to drink. We had like 2 towers just the 2 of us and the rest of them were drinking buckets. Imagine what is it like! The next day hah! Thank God I Had like 3 pm class so that’s not too bad for me. It was a mad fun and ridiculous night out! 

I had a great time with my friends here in Bangkok even though I missed my friends back home in Singapore and Chiangmai. I guess Chiangmai is not so bad because I can always go visit them whenever I can but Singapore would have to think real hard; currency babe! It’s freaking expensive!!!

Will be another update coming up about my School Freshy Day and also the Awesome Concert from the Thai rock band “Bodyslam”! Also the process in making all the beautiful Bai Sri Su Kwan, Wai Kru Ceremony…Guess Many people would be surprised just like how my school director and Advisor were when they saw that! 

Till then….

God Bless everyone!
Have a Fabulous Weekend Ahead!



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