DEmark 2010

“DEmark 2010” or Design Excellence Award, has been the cooperation between the Department of Export Promotion of Thailand and two official organizations from Japan, namely The Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) and the Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization (JIDPO). Consequently, the judge’s panel is formed by officers and personnel from both public and private sectors in the design society of the two countries and the awardees will not only receive the prestigious DEmark logo that laureates design and quality excellence but also win a chance to participate in the G-Mark design competition in Japan in which costs for the exhibition in Good Design Expo 2009 will be supported by the Department of Export Promotion of Thailand. In 2009, 18 DEmark award winners from 16 Thai companies were invited to attend the exhibition in Japan and authorized to compete in the Second Round of the G-Mark competition. As a result, 2 Thai products gained victory in the competition. This success proved that this contest is a good channel in an international level.

On the subject of criteria, the eligible products are divided into 2 main categories, the industrial crafts and industrial products, the latter of which consisting of 4 product lines namely; Lifestyle (Gift & Decoration Items, Furniture, and Household Items), Fashion (Fashion, Leather goods, Jewelry, and Textile), industrial (Home Appliances, Equipment and Facilities for Office) and packaging products (Food Packaging, Health and Beauty Product packaging). Eligible participants, either Thai or Foreign Nationals, have to work for Thai companies. The decision will be finalized by the functionality of the products and other primary considerations will be focused on the practicality, creativity, and especially the socio-environmental friendliness of the products. 

One of the Award Winning Moebius inspiration from “infinity” by the 
Belgian Designer: Gaëtan Van de Wyer
Definitely gotta check out for the latest updates about the upcoming collections and for more info here 😀
By the way Congratulation to Onyx and the Crew!!

Moebius – Double armchair Twice the Pleasure
Bulb – come in 2 sizes, with the LED light

Onyx Designed Furniture at DEmark 2010 

 The Bathtub Idea – This is very interesting indeed.

Hua Pli comcept (หัวปลี)the edible inflorescence of a banana plant

It was a pleasant surprised that I met one of the designer from Chiang-mai, he designed these fabulous items. We had a good chat for a bit about the designs and exchanged some information of the products.

This is one of his products that I adored… 

Leer” lamp features one unique Multi-Chip high-intensity
light-emitting diode, producing a large footprint of bright
light and only consuming 3 watts of power. This combined
with its recycled and recyclable content makes The lamp
has been designed in irregular Pentagon shape for multi
angle adjustable use. It combines the touch sensor
technology to control not only on/off function but also
dimming function.

Very interesting piece isn’t it…the designer Mr. Wei and Khun B actually mentioned that they both been working on “Leer Lamp” project since last year, it is now ready on the market :)) and they also mentioned that the Leer Lamp is very popular especially to the Europeans. Congratulation on that :))

Swan Chair they come in different colours too!

Another piece of Design Chair from
“The relaxing chair made of PE (Polyethylene) for indoor and out door use. The production is mono block rotation mold that can be 100% recycle again when end of it’s life. “Swan” chair comes in white plastic with lighting included. It has 2 options from E27 normal bulb and changeable energy saving LED with remote control.”

The Handmade Accessories uniquely designed by Thai artist 4 celsius

Very interesting pieces of skin care products and Packaging

Food Food Food

Instant Pad Thai!
It was a good event and such a pleasure to be part of this event. It was great to see all the talented designers from all over the place (Thailand) See how talented Thai people are at designing such a cool stuff :).

PS: Sorry for the late update been really busy with school works and activities. I just done with my midterm exams and next stop gonna be Final exams :)) Meh! Can’t wait for the summer course to be over!

Have a lovely day everyone!

God Bless you all! 


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