999 West Gathering

I have been rather busy with school activities and several projects going on in school, plus I just wrapped up the Midterm exams! Meh! It was kind of hectic but i felt great about it…Being productive is way over better than not being one!
I still sneaked out here and there for a little fun as friends visiting from Chiangmai and another group of friends to cheer on the football match!
But this post will just be about the Night out and Football match!
It was a good mini gathering i must say because we are going to 999 West! Planned a night out for the World cup match between Netherlands VS Brazil…well actually I must say this post is rather outdated. 

We were at 

999 West 

100/5-6 Soi Rambuti, in Bangkok

Khaosan Road

The 999 West Bar Khaosan is located in the Susie walking street in Bangkokโ€™s backpacker street Khao San Road. 999 West sure offer wide range of menu from Western cuisine to Thai and Mediterranean, The cozy bar has a pool table and a rustic ambience for long nights and exalted Khao San Nightlife.

Come down to 999 West say hi to us and join in the pool game and great live bands music (Thai, International Rock & Hip hop or Alternative). The new awesome band playing from 12 Midnight to 3 am :)) Great Band:)) Do check it out! 

It was a fun night out with da crew.

Nan, Conrad, Paul and His Malaysian friend came to join us at 999 West for a Football Match Netherlands VS Brazil (If I remember correctly) I was so Frustrated that day with the Match because of bunch of the Asian peeps from Netherlands, was like cursing swearing at Brazil LOL well I better keep my mouth shut!

We ordered about 2 Towers of Chang Beer, of course I opted for Heineken I can’t drink Chang, that will give me a deadly hangover the very next day even if I don’t drink a lot.

That would be Paul – Japanese Teacher ๐Ÿ™‚

It was kinda funny though because Paul was like half Japanese-American, and He teaches Japanese Language in some international School. I could imagine how his students reaction toward him :))

That would be Conrad and Nan :)) Happy Couple

We were like so engrossed with the game and the conversation went off for a bit. I hardly have anything to talk to these people because I was so pissed with the Football ๐Ÿ˜› 

Paul Obviously Loves His Chang

Paul got pretty crazy after the second Tower, The boys actually went off to some other clubs in Khaosan Road left us girls sitting in 999 West. I must say I’m pretty happy about that because my initial intention was to hang out with just Nan until later she informed me that the boys wanna follow us — so of course the more the merrier eh?

Nan and Me

It was mad funny when we tried to get the right shot

Before we let u go to your own party!

Now that is sweet!

The shot before the boys left for their own party.

They came back later with the Hilltribe’s Hats and Got pretty drunk with the buckets! WOW! Paul started to dance with the hip hop (new band) in 999 West and Conrad sort of got seriously Drunk and gone somewhere else ๐Ÿ˜€ Mad Funny…night out!

When they got back from the buckets! The new Definition of Hilltribe I’d called 


Roman from Penang, Malaysia and us.

Again before she left!

It was really really literally crazy after we all got separated because some of us got pretty drunk.. left me all alone with the friends the Saxophonist that later on they came to join me at 999 West then we headed to Gazebo my favourite hangout place ๐Ÿ˜›

Nonetheless I had a great time hanging out with them…and I’m so HAPPY that the 
World Cup is finally Officially OVER Big time!

I had a hard time juggling my study, my nightout and exams especially when the midterm started on the night the final Match of World Cup – Meh sucks eh?


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