It seems to be rather a long and painful weekend for me, been under the weather and quite unwell…but it doesn’t really matter to me though, I take it as a good break (a break from the booze and party) before summer course starts. Ahh! Yes! I went through the whole pile of DVD movies in my room, found my all time favourite movies, so I ordered in Maccas and just lounged in.

I Picked out a romantic comedy genre; guess I was feeling a little blue I guess so here is my picked

Taa daaa…..
“A Lot Like Love” 
The hottie and sexy one that is now married to Demi Moore (Sob sob) Ashton Kutcher and (The sassy-sophisticated) Amanda Peet 

While I was watching this lovey dovey Movie, yeah my brain couldn’t stop wandered around and here I am writing my own point of view…Just a Little gentle reminders to myself I guess.

I must admit that when I first watched this movie, I didn’t really follow through, I catch no ball as the show went on(waste of time and money right?). So Later on I decided to grab a DVD at the nearby store and gonna go home try to watch it and understand it again. Laugh all you can, But I really am slow — especially when comes to relationship issues. That’s why I’m still on this never ending journey in searching for the true love…Sounds lame but true, that’s my little voice inside speaking. Righty let’s hear me out now…

I think this movie really gives me a lot to think about. In a good way of course! =)

“Love, sometimes we feel it as it comes, but we just ignore our gut-feels. Sometimes it runs towards us unexpectedly yet we run away, to only realized…when it’s almost too late.”

Amanda Peet (Emily) decided to make a connection with Ashton Kutcher (Oliver) during the flight (One Flight Stand – IMO) Whoa, hell yeah! why not! He’s cute and the thought of you will never see him again actually make it more excited! =X  ( Take the Risk)

But later on things between them developed from being acquaintances to close friends to … lovers? (Expect the unexpected)

Emily was on the quest in searching for love, and she keeps getting her heart broken; Whilst, Oliver was trying to get his ducks in a row =) as promised to himself and Emily that 6 years later he will be rich, runs his own business, have beautiful home, beautiful wife and children. Unfortunately, they’re both seem to be running back to each other…every time they hit the bottom.

From the first contact Emily made when she decided to call Oliver up for the NYE Party just because “she didn’t wanna be alone” 

turned out to be “Bridgette Left me, and I thought she was the one” and there go, the road trip for the two broken hearts. They became closed friends and confide in each others… funny couple I would say but they are really adorable int hat movie =) 

I Mad Love this part “If you leave me now”

As they were driving aimlessly…they pulled over at the National Park, and decided to take a snapshot of their two naked body under the full-moon…Brrrrrrrr!! GOSH That’s really 

There goes the juiciest part of it all…

They made the trip back to the city, the part where I got really sad was when Oliver was about to leave Emily’s place after that crazy road trip, and he wanted to tell her something but Emily paused him with her trademark “Don’t, You’ll ruin it”  and she gave away a little white lies of “I met someone” Of course Oliver can’t win! I hate this part! then Oliver went back into the taxi with a sad bulldog face ='(

This is what I hate the most…why can’t we all speak how we truly feel for someone? or at least just face the fact live with reality! Why some people choose to live in denial? and to regret at the end…pathetic ( I was one of them but not anymore)

Things went rather sad and bad for Oliver while Emily met someone and was engaged and  about to be married! Then one day Oliver showed up at her house and he was singing this “I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi” Because he thought she likes rock music or Bon Jovi. Poor Ashton left her place with his heartbroken as he found out that she was getting married.

As I followed through this time I felt kind of excited and wondered if they will ever ended up together? hmm but knowing that this is a movie and they were both set out to be the lead actor and lead actress (by the Director of the movie) so obviously they will be together by hook or by crook right? 

Unlike in real life, we may be our own lead actresses in our very own movies, but we can’t just choose or pick the lead actors that we preferred, because to my belief the man up there (the Director) has been well-prep a BETTER One for Us.However, along the way to meet our Mr./Ms. right, I’m sure we all get hurt and jaded but those experiences will make us stronger and prepare us for our Mr./Ms. Right. A wise person once said 
An Ex- Happened for reason”

Right! Back to the movie, well coming to an end, I think Emily must still have a good feeling for Oliver after waited for him for donkey years… I’m glad that she found the old negative film while she was packing her place and getting ready to move to her fiancé’s place. She took the film to developed those pictures — uh uh! that’s it baby! She later found out that Oliver actually made the first move on her when they first met at LAX.
Too late…She’s getting married and he’s no where she would have known. Major headache! I’m glad she called off the engagement and followed her heart, She went ahead with searching for Oliver’s address, and actually made an effort to drive all the way to his place to professes her love to…the sliding glass doors…LOL 


Of course to Oliver. Awww! what a journey eh?

I think this is so much more of like The Ego issue. She doesn’t wanna let him know he she really feels just because she was the one who made the first move on him? 
They’re both seem to be pretty egoistic and pain in the arse… Can’t decide, Can’t commit, Not Now, I need to find the perfect one. Yeah in the end almost too late for them both. 

We all live by the choice we made and the consequences of our choice.

“Love is Like the wind…You can’t see it, but You can feel it.” 
A Walk to Remember – Nicholas sparks


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