Track down the memory lane…

I came back to Chiangmai again after visiting my grandparent and great grandma. I decided to pick up the part time job as an “intern” Oh! well of course is way better than just sitting around and wasting my breath day in day out =). I have been spending lots of my time with my friends in Chiangmai since February, they have been there for me…for whatever shitty situation I put myself in…

This trip…hmm I found these pictures we took when I first came here for holiday and those pictures were adorable and I can’t deny the fact that we looked rather fresh! and Alive! – I mean we still are fresh and Alive! Pretty much eh.

on the way to 3rd floor Rooftop Bar

settled down getting a drink..

All ready? 

Another round we go!

After Rooftop bar we decided to walk over to Spicy Dodgy place but music was all right…

My First time to spicy

I think I’m in some sort of transition (again) I won’t say I’m living in Denial but I am trying to weight pros and cons for this case…I have never spend this much time thinking about my feeling and observe my own thoughts..for whatever God know reason, I do want to know what is going on in my head – I’m not that fucked up, but I guess my head and my heart refused to work together for a couple of months…Disaster, this is nightmare! I’m sure soon I will figure it out.

Right now all I want is to go back to School and get it done once and for all so I can move on with my life…
Major headache, Feeling a bit sleepy and tired now, gonna have to go get myself ready for bed…

Oh! just finished the movie – sex and the city the movie with the girls and I must say…it was great!

Okay…Now I think I oughta be honest with my own feeling – that’s how I felt after watching the movie –

I do not think I could see any great deals in that person so I’d rather not waste my energy thinking about this whole shitty thing and Him. 


Time to get some kip ladies….



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