Short trip to the Rice Field and Corn Field

Hola from the Hood again…
Well well…my apologies, pictures will be updated soon once I get back to Bangkok, I just need some kinda techy stuff to help me with the pictures. But for those who are on my facebook you can check it out on my mobile upload album.
I got a chance to visit my grandma’s corn field and rice field, it was huge! Made huge and the weather wasn’t that great unlike during winter. I went to pick up some fresh fruit like Mango, chili and some vegies. I loved it there a lot, well I actually went there with my cousin. She was complaining as hell about the weather… while I was madly in love with the sun…Oh I got myself quite a good tanned 😛
Will keep posted once in a while – see if I can come to the market LOL sounds pathetic eh?
Oh! btw That Prick actually officially off my system – should I feel sad or Happy that he sod off from my life? Gosh! I thought by coming here to find myself and hope that I’d know how I truly feel – Guess its time to Move on and just let go!
Happy and Always will be – Thank God for helping me through all these times…..

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