Visiting the Grandparents in Lampang Province

Hola from the hood!
I’m officially in Lampang now after 2 nights out in Chiangmai with friends and I must say that I’ve got one of the worst nightmare and disaster ever in my life…OMG I’m actually throwing up in words. It took me just 5 minutes to figured out the whole things if I should come to see my grandparents in Lampang or not because of what happened in the pubs and stuff and about….
Lampang Grandparents’ place – ok first I thought and feel like I can’t be in such a rural area, surprisingly I’ve survived the first night and I am very pleased with the weather and everything here especially the warm welcomed from my relatives.
Anyway I will be heading to Chiangrai and then will be back to Lampang, maybe its a good time for me to rest my mind and rejuvinate my body and soul…
God Bless and Have a great Summer Holiday

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