My First EVER Songkran In Chiangmai 2010

I would say Songkran Festival in Chiangmai is the best…for some people, but for me I’m not a big fan of water and heat well of course unlimited booze during this festival is my cup of tea. However Whether I was having fun over there or not… Let’s take a look….

All My Single Ladies are Ready to Rock

Here we Go with whiskey in Hand

mad crowded

Mad Fun too!

Ben & Jack

Im the inbetweener =P

Simply Wet & Fun

I have been walking around the Moat, the city of Chiang Mai with my friends that was my first time to do this kinda stuff. It was tiring, wet and well of course we have our boozes in hand. Different part of Chiang Mai have different group of People playing Songkran, for Loy Kroh, Kochasarn Road area all of the foreigners and Bar girls, Central Kad Suan Geaw Area mostly Are Gay and Teenagers those students from CMU ( Chiangmai University) and the other part like Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital Area just mostly those uncivilised people..why I said that because when I walked pass one of the shophouses, this guy actually came to me and locked my hands and use the water in the pail pour from my head down…The correct way to do is starting from the shoulders and saying nice things to people but this Motherfucker actually locked my hands! God!

I was beat and dead by the end of every evening of walking around and fight the water war, I didn’t really enjoy it very much cos I think that this is just like any other days for me. It was good to see my friends though, especially those I have not seen for a long time. 

Nutty and Me

The LCM Gang ( Le Meridien)

Those Friends I hung out with 


It was crazier than I thought, unfortunately this trip I didn’t really enjoy myself because of some prick, or rather my roommate was being an asshole. I’ve never seen anyone in this world who could possibly judge or tried to put someone you hardly know down so badly, just because he has low self-esteem and always cool and the big brother to the boys. Come on if you come to Bangkok, I’ll show you who’s the boss here! I’ll make sure you feel like a tiny lil fly! 

Just joking I am not that cruel to do that kinda stuff to an innocent boy like him I mean a 32 year old boy =) 

Anyway The moment I got back to Bangkok, I knew that I gotta start mugging for my final exams that I do not wanna fail at all cost!!! 

My holiday was ruined, I didn’t get a chance to visit my family back at Lampang, I didn’t get to see my girl friends that much and in fact I only call them and told them about my ups and downs =( Pathetic isn’t it! I won’t let this happen ever again! I’m sorry my dear friends x.

God Bless.


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