Songkran Festival – Thai New Year

I have a confession to make – I didn’t turn up for the Senior Project, Mocktail Party! my apologies…


I do have something to write about, just wanna voice out my thoughts about certain issues. 

Let’s go back to beginning of this March; I’m sure everyone in Thailand and around the world must be well aware of how shaky Thailand political issues at the moment. It is very unpleasant for the foreigners and the Thais of course, for whatever reason that might be I strongly disagree on putting the country’s reputation at risk, unless they are not aware of how much this protests will affect the country’s economy. Or They simply think that Thailand is wealthy enough to have such a luxury to run such a protests. 

This ongoing protests really made all of us , a decent citizen living, breathing and working our arses off in Bangkok feeling a little bit tired and sick of them. Why would you want to fight for the person who is no longer in the country, I know that this is deeper than what I and most people thoughts obviously cos We Do not work for the government to know what’s going on under the table and in the Parliament, but give it a break people. Do Spare a thought for our King, all of His Hard work to make this country united as one and be thankful for what we have. 

Songkran Festival or Bhi Mai Meung (the northern dialect) The Thai New Year according to Lunar Calender, suppose this is the happy occasion for family, friends, most importantly the senior citizen who have been long waiting to celebrate the return of their loved ones, to be reunite with the family back in hometown especially those who work elsewhere or overseas; I doubt so cos instead of the happy splashing water at each other; we, Thailand still raging this pathetic war.

 I was thinking to myself today while I was walking out the Soi; 
Bangkok is not such a great place to live, but it is a good place for educations, job opportunities and living standard (some says). 

How about those people who live and work in overseas? 

Will they miss their families?

How would they feel spending Songkran in a foreign land and with strangers or co-workers who hardly speak the same language?

Will they miss the home-cooked Food the provincial cuisine and the traditional events back at home?
so..and so

I didn’t grow up in Thailand so I don’t really like Songkran very much, I hate to get wet and feel sticky, maybe because I have ultra sensitive skin towards water and easily allergic to the weather that’s why. I suddenly started to open up to something I never liked, I think maybe my trip last month to Chiang Mai changed my opinion on many things. I used to have quite a closed view on things I must admit. 

This year for the first time in my life, I actually planned to visit Chiang Mai for Songkran, as my good friends invited me over to experience the fun and try out something new, honestly I used to live in Chiang Mai during year 2007 but the thought of driving around get wet or join the crowd for the Songkran fest had never crossed my mind. I hated Chiang Mai so much back then, so I buried myself with work and I was constantly overload at that time. I’ve heard so much about Songkran Fest but I never wanted to go, but this year and in a few days…I actually wanna be there for the first time in my life….

But Guess what…

ALL THE BUS TICKET TO CHIANG MAI WAS FULLY BOOKED FOR THIS WHOLE ENTIRE MTF WEEK!!! only available date starting from 13 April onwards! Fuck Like that I no need to go home liew lah still have Final Exams to study for man!!! 

I didn’t know that this is the high season or peak period for people to abandon the city life and go back to embrace the reality…. -_- 

Bangkok will be all spooky and lonely HAHA Then finally the protests will died down, cos nobody here to care about them 



Unless they wanna Rally to Khaosan Road or Silom, Sathorn Area to stir up a bit more and make all the tourists upset, then finally Thailand will have no one to visit…

Stupid asshole you want that to Happen to your own country or not???!!! >_< 

just because a lil sum of money from that mountain turtle Shorty you people must die on his behalf meh KNN!

I’ve been trying to call the bus companies whatever number I can, I just dialled Marathon man..Until the point I got really fed up. With the Stock Exchange of Thailand Report down the wire and the stupid tenants giving me major headache as usual God! I think I seriously need a break. 

So I let loose just a bit, enjoying the Thai Noodle, and sticky rice with deep fried chicken hmmm yummy….then started on my research for the stock market in Thailand -_-“

Think about it again I still can try to get the Plane ticket – Major Fcuking Headache! the last time I flew with them was THB 1950 guess what…
I have the feeling that the price will just anyhow increase day by day lah har…

Today at 7:35:25 PM

Fly12go – One Way Ticket for 10 April THB 3,505 FML!!!
Nokair – One Way Ticket for 10 April THB 3,850 OMFG MTF!!!!
AirAsia har – don’t even talk about it always delayed always not on time 

Seriously!! This is way too ridiculous! Well I guess this is rip off but I’m sure if there is no other way I will still go on one of them =(( Expensive lehhhhhhhhhhh

I missed my Great Granny Heaps! She’s about 97 I guess, can’t remember…She’s one awesome cute lil old lady. She has real gumption, still walk around, feed the dogs and cat in the house, can still hear but we have to speak extra loud, can still see but with her hand touching faces she’ll be able to recognise us =)

Hopefully I can make it on time – Another thing Cos my initial plan was to leave on the 9th at night, arrive in Chiang mai just in time for Reggae Beach Party @ Huay Teung Thao Gosh I think I have to pass it for sho =(

Aiyah speaking of the fun, I almost forgot that once the Songkran Fest is over, I have to come back and mugging damn hard for my final exams cos I didn’t do very well for my midterms. Worst I hate this semester to the max; all numbers and Science Pls man give me something else T_T 

During my final exams; I still have to attend one of the conference, basically just help out as the Facilitator lah nothing much…But I’M EXCITED!!!!! 

oK I should go back to my report now – My next door seems to be getting into actions, tsk tsk tsk not too loud pls….This is the good point of staying in Girl’s Dormitory >_<

Nitey Nite


God Bless.


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