Thapae Gate & Dinner with Friends

Happy April Fools’ Day everyone – You Do not trust anyone XD Have a good one!! 

Continued from the last post when I was in Chiangmai, this time I must say that I great time to discovered more of the inner city of Chiangmai(the old city )and the Bastions around Chiangmai. It is indeed amazing and I didn’t know that my mother’s hometown could be this awesome! 

This time round I was lucky enough to have free lodging provided by one of my sisters who happened to be working at this Guesthouse near Thapae Gate called 

Ban Wiang Guesthouse at MoonMeung Soi 5

 The Main Entrance 

Too bad I didn’t get a chance to take the picture of the small cozy lobby cos the guests were always there and I didn’t want to put my friend in a difficult position so I just take a bit here and there.

Cozy isn’t it – 

The lovely Receptionist will be in there to provide you with the information =)
For More info: 

Ban Wiang Chiangmai (Behind Montri Hotel Chiangmai)
38/1 Ratchadumnern Road. Soi 1, Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand
Tel: +66 53-210542

I got a chance to walked around and Chilled out a bit here and there I found this great place to hangout during the high tea time but obviously my high-tea was high on Erdinger… My Love

Later in the evening I had a Dinner meeting with my former neighbour who used to live in the same property as me but now they moved out and soon going to move back to Denmark T_T Sob sob…

I met with Jannet and P Gung, They were both looked so happy to see me and I must admit I kinda missed Jannet loads. I used to babysit her and spent lot of times with her, now she is all grown up and leaving Chiangmai back to her hometown. 

 Me & Jannet

She could really talk like an adult – I mean it was impressive to hear a 9 years old girl talk like an adult and expressed her emotions like a grown up woman. I missed her animated face whenever she’s talking about something exciting and she gets all excited she has that kinda adorable face and a sparkling eyes.

Jannet making her own drink Coke with a bit of Lemon XD

Jannet’s Mum Pi Gung.

Aite – After 3 hours of dinner with Jannet and her Mum I went straight away back to the room, because I thought we were going out again that night. We did though but just for a short while – we went to Rooftop bar near to the guesthouse and after that I was in the mood to dance for a bit. That night P Fame just came back from the Furniture Fair in Bangkok so that’s the reason why we gotta hangout before she gets back to work the next day. After we’re done at the Rooftop bar we took a short walk over to Spicy – I really love the night-weather of Chiangmai, it is specially good for a walk and relaxing…it just so quiet and peaceful.

We passed by Thapae Gate – It is really beautiful at night 

Me @ Thapae Gate 

P Oy & P Fame

I enjoyed that night out – well it was simple and peaceful but fun with my girls. 

Actually I’m planning on writing about the Old City of Chiangmai; the Bastions around the city and the 4 Gates of Chiangmai city. hmm Maybe next post after I’ve done some research on the history of Chiangmai cos this place has been around for about 720 years!!! Can yo believe it? Well before that it was named as  “Lanna” and way way way back before that if I’m not wrong it called “Wiang Kum Kam”…

I  guess I will just have to go read up more and maybe should explore more during my trip back there again This coming Songkran Festival; The Thai Lunar New Year..

Oh! I forgot to mention that we actually met with my old “case” not that I wanna see him but during this trip I think I’ve met him on the street more than twice!!! for F Sake!!! Why the man up there must do this to me! he’s a complete disaster!! I didn’t even expect to meet anyone I’d know or at least I wanna talk to some new friends new people…oh Man!!!

For now I gotta go study for my French test tomorrow..
Wish me luck…

Then Again A Mocktail Party Tomorrow at 7 pm in School….

I think I have a lot to write about for just this month alone 

PS: Good Friday is here – Enjoy Long weekend for the countries that get Friday off 
-Thailand sucks big time! T_T 

God bless Everyone



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