Lotus Game @Sripatum University

Patum is name of Lotus in Thai, ปทุม or ดอกบัว; hmm ok Stop right there I’m confusing myself with the Thai term. So yes Lotus Game is actually referring to Sripatum University Sport Day -_- Gosh… We have this event every year and this year I get a chance to participate in the Parade for the International College — A small tiny part of the university; Yes Yes..I’m studying in SIC Sripatum International College. 

The sun was blazing and I feel like a sundried-banana at one point, but it was fun though to walk behind a huge Orchestra Band from our high school next door, holding some banners and taking pictures. That was mad fun — but it wasn’t that fun anymore until I felt my body seems to run out of battery and needed to recharge. There it was the beginning of my Fever and Long lasting muscles ache. Guess I’m really old…

Eagerly waiting for the Parade to start

We met at building 10 around 10:30 am yeah Guess the seniors themselves were late and we sat around the canteen and grabbed a bite cos most of us were starving, who won’t be? Started Business Finance class at 9 am already no time to eat – We grabbed a bite in the canteen because we knew that the parade was gonna drag until really late plus the weather was really killing us all. 

I didn’t wear any make-up so I need to hide my panda eyes

After the parade we still have to go to the Gymnasium to show our support to Our International College Male & Female Basketball teams. I like to just sit there and watch don’t ask me to go down and run after that ball – by just sitting and breathing I’m already beyond exhaustion LOL kidding –

2 Versions in Thai and English

Despite our age gaps we still can blend in eh?

Watinee Put on that lil cute face =)

Getting ready..finally

Can you see me there?

Not the riots or protests but its a Parade for Sport day

That is ma girl – Butter

This is one of the best shot..My Fav!

& We are ready to parade!

Listening to the speech – I can’t bear with the 
heat anymore 

With n’ Nuch at the basketball games

I really enjoyed the basketball games this time round I think it got much better than the last time. After the Games we all gotta go to the Cheer-leading rehearsal for the next big day – The final competition among the faculties -_- International College also participate in this competition and we all worked really hard for this – I left the rehearsal around 7 pm as my body couldn’t take it anymore and well turned out I couldn’t make it for the final competition as I was down with fever and been really tired from a long week in Chiangmai.

But Look at the Theme and the final competition aren’t they look cute in it?

The International Circus

Well I’m very proud of the international college team even though we didn’t win any trophies but at least the trophy we have in all of us is the great experience of going through all the things together – Unity We Stand!



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