A Little Fun wouldn’t hurt

I had a little quick chat with one of my friend today, she came off as a little weirdo today and I feel like there’s something is wrong with her — well my guess was right so I asked her whats going on with her and I’m very satisfied with the answer: A Little fun wouldn’t hurt! why bother when we are still young and need not to worry about things that beyond our control. 

We both have this one mentality in common; which is just have fun and live the moment! but little than we thought about the consequences that will arise after our little fun. It is a Taboo and a no no for sure when it comes to fun that has got to do with your friend’s ex-squeeze involved, and I will not encourage her to get involved with this kind of prick because simple as that “I don’t fuck my friend’s ex boyfriend” well maybe if you are in a club where all the people were there to have fun and enjoy themselves there goes the conversation and a little flirtation which driven by alcohol…Okay now I’m not going to blame it on the alcohol — but clearly in most cases alcohol does play a big part — for me: Don’t talk to me when I’m sober cos I don’t think I will be able to remember anything I said unless I really mean it. 

My Little fun would be a nice meal and a great chit chat session with my friends and watching all the hunks in the club unfortunately I’m not going to take any of them home. That’s me — 

There was once when I met this really cute guy in the restaurant where I was having my homecoming party and girls night out with my friends. I knew he was checking me out and I wasn’t playing hard to get but seriously I can’t be fucked about men I met in the bar or restaurant, in general I never really bother if they were Fugly or incredibly HOT looking but this time was different. My girls and I were kinda high enough to do some silly thing so we decided to go somewhere else for a dance after we’re done with our meals. I refused to go as I was thinking “I’m not leaving this place without men” I didn’t know what got over me but it was kinda fun. So one of my girl friend decided to went to this guy she knew he was definitely checking me out; waste no more time she dragged them to the next club with us and there I was shouting at him and his friend for being men?! wow I was really tipsy I supposed and I was really furious at some guy back in Bangkok; lame but true I took it out on those 2 poor boys I don’t even know their names and I don’t give a fuck really =)

We arrived at this new hip club in town and I started dancing like a maniac, and I sort of turned them on well I was having a hard time deciding who should I dance with first — conclusion I ended up dancing with them both. The lost-looked were given by these 2 poor boys because they couldn’t figured me out that night. About 2 am that night I decided to escape from them and let my 2 girls dance in there— I was totally a trashed and wasted!!!

The next morning I woke up with my girlfriends calling me up and ask me to come out chill again…how can I say no to them? not my style… I decided to meet up with the girls again we had a good laugh and a good talk about what happened to me last night it was hilarious and I’ve never been like this before!!! they told me I was screaming and shouting at those 2 poor boys and they surely thought I was a crazy woman XD Well done for that!!! thumbs up for myself!!! Well after our chit chat and gossip a bit here and there I felt like dancing again LOL sure my girls were kinda afraid of me gone completely wasted so we made a peck that I won’t repeat the same mistake again — in case a new cute boy comes along! 

We decided after drinking at this chill out place that we were gonna go dancing at the nearby pub =D 

There we go!! 3 crazy women on their way to dancing the night away!!! Well yes I met with this really cute guy and again may I just say I’m having trouble remembering strangers’ names and faces -_-” yah I had a good talk with him and I knew that he was lying to me but still he made me laugh — that’s the most important thing.

It was fun to travel and hangout with friends and go to places that no one knows you. My little fun ended in Chiangmai that night with a new experience yet I still can’t remember his name lol surprisingly those 2 poor boys we met that night contacted my friend =) and asked us to join them again the following day -_- Gosh! lucky I got a bus ride to catch so I’m off the hook!

My point is — I don’t expect anything in return, it was just fun and I don’t hope that I will find my Mr. Right along the line, I don’t need to sit down and worry about if he’s gonna call or whatever so on– my girls and I had fun that’s what matter the most to me — We guard ourselves and we know when the fun has to stop. We don’t need to jump onto bed with men hoping for it to turns out into a blissful relationship in the coming years. 

No one gets hurt and everyones happy! and its the fun that wouldn’t hurt…isn’t it? just don’t get too involved and invest your emotion into it =) You’ll be safe 


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