Girls In Black & Mini Gathering @ Riverside Chiangmai

Had a great gathering with friends after a long and tiring day of work on my house – repainted the door and fixed the sliding door – man this is a tough job for a tiny lady like me…but I managed to solved all the issues :D. So The next thing was Dinner and night out with friends – Love them They are just too funny and to kind to hangout with. Check ou the pictures.
The Girls
The Gang
Thibaut’s Brother in Red he’s new to town.
Both look good to me 🙂
He’s only 20 yrs old
This shot P Fame looks really cute
But P Ant Always Look so Pretty –
I wish I could have just the one in red 😛
Father and Son
Papa Pascal and Me
and Of Course I have the Girls Weona!
Next stop Monkey Club
hmm I don’t like this so I asked for Smirnoff Apple 😛
The girls on the Couch
I Love you guys Heaps ka
Another Friend came join us at the Monkey
About to Leave but was taking a ciggie Break.
I had a blast that night, Riverside then Monkey – the music at Monkey was totally dead and I think they need to Hire someone new and better. I really love them all heaps 😛 Great company Great Drink and Music and of course Food – These are really important to me.
Until next time
God Bless

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