Organic Food @ Wat Suan Dok, Chiangmai

On my second day in Chiangmai, one of my friends called me up during lunch as she was in the area and she decided to take me out to the organic food restaurant located in the temple Wat Suan Dok next to Maharaj Chiangmai Hospital or Suan Dok Hospital. I was surprised by the setting and the atmosphere of the restaurant, it was rather small yet cozy and quiet…really nice and so does the food.
Looking for what to eat
P Ant Ordered the dishses for me, I ordered Nam Bai Bua Bok or Centella Asiatica Drink & Jiao Gu Lan Tea; I mean it was rather bitter but I needed that for my immune system as I’ve been out and about dehydrate from all the activities…
Centella Asiatica Drink and Jiao Gu Lan Tea
P Ant ordered Mixed Flower Salad with Avocado dressing, Stir Fried Beancurds Curry, Tom Yum Mixed Vegetables and Rice. Let see…
Mixed Flowers Salad with Avocado dressing
Tom Yum Mixed Vegies
Stir Fried Beancurds Curry
Rice & Smoothie
I had a good Lunch break with P Ant and after that on the way before I headed back to the guesthouse where I’m staying with P Oi, I gotta fetch Caramel Machiato for her too – Gosh I feel so Full and Clean :p
until next time
God Bless everyon

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