All rightyyyy!!! The weekend is here…so does the riot -_- I seriously can’t understand why they wanna ruin their own reputation…Oh! They think by fighting against their own people will proved the world that “We Love the Kingdom” FML…

The shocking things I ever heard from the cook lady in my dorm’s canteen was that 

“We are poor people even if that person doesn’t live in Thailand anymore but he still pays us back here and most of the people who go for this kinda thing are poor people from upcountry. What can we do? we are poor people and it’s a lot of money compared to what we earned per day!”

What a silly thoughts! I mean all right I’m not judging here, but seriously this is affecting the country’s economy and the tourism industry already declining…well this is only the beginning of the year of the first quarter of the year…even if the government hoping for the Maha Songkran Festival to kick off the festive season in Thailand and that the tourists might be interested in coming back, maybe there will be. I just pray for peace and unity to be restored in this Lovely country ASAP…Amen

Been planning for the trip back to Chiangmai to visit my friends and settle some unfinished business but seems like God doesn’t want me to make it back there cos the riots and stuff going on moreover I don’t feel so good about the whole things at this point of time. Hopefully I will get the answer I’ve been praying for.

I’ve been having a good catch up session with my friends back in Chiangmai and she was telling me about her love life and another married friend…it hits me just right there right then Geez “I’m glad I’m still single and I have no boyfriend..Phewww!! Thank God” those people who are in it, they wanna get out; where as for those who are not in it just yet…they so dying to be in it. 

Another thing I could say in my own opinion would be, even if I’m in a relationship or married I don’t think I wanna put my single life back on the shelf. I’m sure there’s a way to work around this with my partner, as I don’t think he wants to put his single life or boys night out on the shelf too.

Communication is a key to all successful relationships, Trust is the basic yet essential ingredient in this formula, Understanding is another thing that we all need to have, show sympathy and be there for each others and show moral supports. 

I’m not in a relationship myself, but I am in a relationship with myself – yeah can say that I’m so full of myself but I’m happy to be one, I enjoy shopping, dressing up with my girls and go watch movie, chill out and do stuff with myself and friends. Even though at times the loneliness hits me and make me feel like shit; but it just temporary and loneliness is intangible, its all in your head.

I do enjoy having someone next to me and everything, I love my current partner sooo much Graawwwwww!!! woke up each morning always give me hickies! -_- and those will stay for almost 2 weeks no joke! Thank God I didn’t have Malaria -_-! now I try not to let my partner comes into my room -_- even the net at the balcony cannot help me! 

Since I’m having a long weekend…I’m thinking about what to do?: no parties – I mean I wanna cut down on the intake of the alcohol into my body I wanna rejuvenate I wanna feel fresh and I wanna feel healthy, and let my tired old soul rest. T_T I feel so old especially when I was doing my hand-wash laundry for delicate fabrics, Gosh Bend up and down really can kill me to the max!!! Arghh I need to go back to a healthy diet, routines, Gym and start taking the supplementary product and CUT DOWN ON ALCOHOL!!! 

Rightyyyy – I better move my ass and do something about it –  maybe I will just read up on the homework and school books those I’ve missed out so weeks! I can be a lazy bum and I can be a hard working party single girl =) just depends on my mood and the laziness level in my brain =P

Have a good weekend everyone and Love.Peace.Joy

God Bless


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