Girls Night Out

Had a Greattttt girls night out with my dearest sisters at Hardrock Cafe and it was mad fun!! Actually it was a party for one of my sister who just graduated and she just came back from Singapore so we sort of have this mini-gathering which turned out later a Great Dancing Party!

This guy sure he’s a rockstar that night!
It was mad awesome to see them…for a long time since I last met them both. I miss hanging out with them and they are fun-loving people and they are also beautiful! and I mean ah Yes!! Extremely Gorgeous!

3 of us ranging from skin tone….

One of the sister is flying off on the 10th March back to Singapore and working life…her fabulous life as usual. I kinda miss Singapore so much and definitely going back there soon.

hmm What should I order??

We started off with Chicken wings our favourite yummy finger food, then Nacho with Salsa sauce and we ordered Kamikaze. I find the Kamikaze not really the best they can do, I mean come on Hardrock Cafe you can do better than this. Then I realised it was the promotional drink for early birds..ahhhhhhh! I can’t take it anymore so I decided to go for San Miguel light followed by Vodka Martini my Fave!! and My Love Love!! Then back to basic all of us were drinking beer after the Kamikaze saga’s over…


P ohsie was drinking fruit Punch as she’s planning to have a baby real soon. I’m so happy for her..yes yes finally she’s gonna travel less and drink less and of course baby is on the way!

=) Love you guys ka.

The started when the live band starts and I was doing the salsa with P Ohsie…Gosh she’s such a great dancer and I have to admit that we mesh pretty well..LOL she was telling me that one of the lead singer was checking me out, I find it funny cos he kept blowing me a kiss from the stage where he could see me, and there he was on his two feet walking over to my table and sing beside me ahh yes Mad Fun!!

The Band from Philippines – One of the Singers

I Love Santana, his musics are really something – My favourite of that night would be Smooth…of all the songs they sang I love it best.

I’m sure I can shake that thang!

Camwhoring in the Ladies

Dun worry I’m not drunk

But I’m sure in love with the Camera

I just love my new look!

Nong Pui, She’s just can’t handle me that well XD

We headed home around 12:30 that night as I got home, I called up my girl friend with the thought of Oh! I missed her!! Surprisingly She is now in Bangkok!!!! Hooray!!!! So We decided to meet at my favourite hangout spot Gazebo, Khaosan Road. Well I’m so pleased!! so I headed out again around 2:30 am that night and I just can’t help it but I got home by 7 am that mnorning…Gosh I’m not a party animal but just that my weeks been rather crazy. I’m not complaining but I love the fact that my friends just came to Bangkok and we hung out and of course we had a greaaaat Time!!!

Love my Cherry!
More of the night out pics to update -well until Fame decided to email me or upload for me- for now gotta go get Dinner and I went out last night to meet with one of my Lawyer friend and her friend Gosh we sang out hearts out!!! Awesome Party!
God Bless everyone

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