Dinner @Coyote Mexican

Decided to drag my tired old soul to go out meet up with Fame for dinner and catch up over a drink. I thought I was at the wrong road, wrong bar of course because I was at Silom Road the food and the drink were awesome and of course the company.

We decided to meet up at Saladaeng BTS station, then we walked a bit to look for the restaurant and decided to settle the poor ass at Coyote the Mexican restaurant. I have to admit I kinda like this kind of chill out and dinner meeting with my girl friends. It was great really!
We settled down and decided to go for White wine, and the waitress came with the menu. We ordered Mexican Pizza Chicken and mushrooms & Vegetarian Nachos. The portions were kinda huge for us and as soon as we get our hands on the food, our mouths stopped working…we were too busy eating. I was still having a hangover from last night drinking session with my lawyer friend who came from Chiangmai and her friend who lives here. 

Actually this place does have a “happy hour” drink but too bad we were tad late for that by just an hour. 

The Mexican Pizza Chicken and Mushrooms 

Yummy! we felt rather bloated and full after digging in that fast and definitely we got a lil bit sick after our stomaches were Happy.

Vegetarian Nachos

Fame thought that the Nachos, kinda put her off her appetite because of the black beans, well I thought so too…


We had a great talk about everything, from boys to work, school to friends, and of course the girly talk. I definitely going to Chiangmai again soon cos I miss this kind of hangout session with my good friends over there and they sure as hell been complaining that “We miss you! Come back fast!”

just me and you

Fame actually escaped Olivier to join me for dinner, it was kinda sweet of her to do that for me. In fact I wanna meet the group, I missed Xavier, Olivier and P Aon loads…have not seen them for a long time well but I guess they kinda busy as their furniture business seems to be doing pretty well so yah…busy busy busy businessmen…

Lovely waitress took for us =)

Have to go soon so I can wake up early, and prepare for my presentation. Man and Environment, this is another killing-me subject I really don’t like this subject very much, well actually I really don’t like this semester all about numbers and science arghh! just too much for me. Have to say I hate numbers and whatever I’m going off to bed now =)

Goodnight Bangkok


God Bless

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