Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about friends betraying each other and I constantly fall back into the Aunt Agony for everyone. Arghh Even though I enjoyed being there for them knowing they do not Literally Appreciate my present, well yeah Just like one of the dumbshit said I’m kinda annoying yeah be it even though I’m annoying, but you have never paid for a fucking meal for Me ok =)

Seriously this scenario came across my mind just right before I hit the sack, What if your so called friend decided to screw a guy you went out on a date and still talking him behind your back? 

how would you feel? would you forgive her&him? or you just wanna give them your blessing? sincerely? 

can women get over the fact that you are sharing your potential man with the other women? or you would rather walk away or be one of his girls yet the worst is sharing with your friend?

Seriously; what happened to the Love and Romance in this generation? why both genders seem to wanna have flings? Is relationship that hard to maintain? 
or people just can’t commit anymore.

The fellaz who are married wanna get out of the marriages, but the ones who are single seem to be desperately to get hitched! 

Not that I’m being cynical but I really don’t understand why everything seems weird, now that when the technology seems to be roaring in part of our lives, as much as money does…that also affecting human beings view on life and how we live life. 

Ahhhh! I’m feeling much better now after getting that off my chest..I better go back to sleep. Having noon class agh! and friend’s graduation ceremony to attend later.

God Bless You All!

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