Long Weekend in Chiang Mai

Actually I didn’t plan for this trip to happen so out of sudden at all, but I guess it’s time for me to do something about…it’s either now or never right?

I decided to go to school for the Financial accounting quiz like really late afternoon, then I went to inform the office that I won’t be able to attend the school for a few days after that I went back to my dorm and start packing up and clean my room. I know I won’t be back for many days and it sure is going to be dusty and stuffy. Checked the website for the mode of transportation that available at that point of time for me; Thank God I called the coach as soon as I figured out I really have to do this… 6 pm I called http://www.siamfirst.co.th the coach company then confirmed the booking and I was relieved that the coach only leave at 8:30 pm which mean I will be in Chiangmai around 5:30 am on Friday! Phew! I still have Friday to run errands and settle the legal documents if needed. 

I arrived at Mochit Bus Terminal paid for the ticket, proceeded to the platform 28, I wasn’t sure how things gonna turn out though, but I’m sure of one thing…I gotta settle this and have to see this bitch with my own eyes for what she has done to my property. Board the bus around 8:30 pm the bus left and went to pick up the rest of the passengers at the company around Wat Samiean Naree area. Left Bangkok around 9 pm, well I couldn’t sleep at all because of the old man on the bus was snoring so loud and soundly =( even if I don’t have the habit of sleeping on the bus but I still feel so annoyed by that old man. Never mind i Forgave him…

On board the Hostess was really nice, I love traveling with this company…why? it is because I love the Food and Beverages that they provide (Oh! mind me I’m a bit eater and I love to eat). I love the supper while the stopover at Kampaeng Phet province too! I just love the porridge, noodle and Kwuay Chab or Thai Yong Tau Fu its! Awesome to eat some Hot suppie food in the winter time… Oh! I forget to mention that the weather was really cold!! I mean chilly for some people who have been living in a cold country but for me…I didn’t know the weather was gonna be this chilly…I’ve got only my thin jacket =( poor me. 
A few hours before I left my dorm I already checked the weather forecast, and it said Chiang Mai Friday 32’C yeah kiss my ass…Or is it just me? Nevermind…
I enjoyed the bus ride heaps, with music on my iPhone, read my book and snacked all the way until Kampaeng Phet…Approximately 5 hours and we stopover for 20 minutes…That was the moment that I told myself “This is heaven for my tummy” I just love food!!
After supper I wanted to go for a puff and relax for a bit…but the hostess called me back to the bus cos everyone was already back to their seats… Si bei kia su lor these people, you will sure be in Chiangmai lah and it was less than 20 minutes lor…I’ve met with so many kia su people who almost kicked  me off the Q while walking up to the seat Gees!! 
Back to my seat, the lady that sat next to me was kind of quiet, she’s in her mid 30 (I think so lah) knn but the man that was sitting in front of me was kind of mean to me he like dun give a fuck if I have a cup of drink and its going to spill or not…Mahai lah….

I fell asleep for just 2 hours, and the next thing I know was….Lampang!!! Which mean I have to call my aunt let her get ready to come out to pick me up in 2 hours time… cos Lampang next is Lamphun then Chiangmai…
My house is pretty close to the Chiangmai Bus Terminal but I won’t be staying there, in fact my house was the reason I went back…

Around 5:45 am My aunt arrived and picked me up, she was shocked with my transformation….Long sultry hair gone now is the new in Short hair butch…hell no Kidding
But she liked it very much, she thought it suited me better than the long one…I kinda love this hairstyle man…

I got back to her place and tried to close my eyes and sleep for a bit before head out to my house and meet up with the neighbour who created so much trouble over the past year, I mean she is filthy rich and what’s the point of doing this kind of thing to others. If needed I might wanna sue her later and issue a warrant that she is not allowed to come into my property, but I will only do that after she get the old tenants to fix my damaged that they created also return whatever that they took from my premises without my permission…

I think I’m way too kind heh, Lucky I decided not to sue them…That girl is seriously stupid or something I mean the old tenant cos the wife is not local, the neighbour of mine tried to make friend with the tenant lived in my house just because she wants business and profits from helping them…

If I’m not wrong my mum only gave her the key to show the agency around when the agency brings in potential tenants, My mum didn’t say that she can come into my house and create a mess and interrupted my tenants..FML

The worst part of this trip…Headache Migraine needs to surrender, She sold her land and offered to built a house for the tenant that lived in my house..

She built the house at the price of THB 600,000 but she sold to my tenants @ THB 1.2 Mil…FML I don’t know how she could do this to the people that trusted her all along thought she would be nice and all that. I just hope that Sherrylle will soon open her eyes and see what’s real and what’s fake! 

I better stop here at this kind of issue…I’m fed up angry but I’ve come to conclusion not to express it out to anyone…I don’t enjoy my trip back to Bangkok after knowing what are the things that need to be done and my house was in a good condition, before I left it… I give them time both parties, and if there’s no news or improvement on both parties… I will make sure they know that a small lil girl Like me can do. If she wants to applies law into this kind of game… I can also do the same thing….

Ok All day round in Chiangmai – Night I have dinner appointment with my girl friends and some party going on LOL It was fun and nice to be back… Though I’m stressed as hell and I really need to relax more when I have to deal with such a bitch like that lady…

Went to Riverside our favourite hangout place for dinner and chill out, though I started drinking with my aunt since 2 pm but yeah we still need to go for more booze that night!

Ant, Koy, Oy & Fame 2010
It was awesome to see the girls!!! I missed them!!
We had a great time catching up, we were all got shocked with each others’ transformation!!!! just look at the pic before and after!

Fame & Ant 2009

Me, Ant & Fame 2010

Ant & Me 2009

Awww…See how much we’ve changed!!!!! Love it eh? =P

Now that is fun and more happening! All my girls and sisters are just awesome!!! We had a great time at the Riverside and Fabrique the new “in” club in Chiangmai. I was so wasted and stuff…At least I get to let off the steam and be able to tell the truth to all my friends about why am I sad and suppressed for this long… Simple as that Friends and comfort from them just saved me that night… I remember hearing my friends searched for the guy that broke my heart from my phone… I was already hmmm almost passed out. I’m glad they were there for me and I love them more than I ever imagined….

Thanks sisters…will be back again…..

The next day I’m gonna update more…just waiting for the pictures to be sent =D Fame Fame Please email me quick na ka.. 



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