Friday Night…

It was really peaceful at the beginning of Friday, French class + Test and nothing much but dinner with Giselle in the dorm. I felt really great though for having a good time off from dancing partying and crazy night out…result –not enough sleep and I ended up look more haggard than ever.
Had late lunch and took nap I would say long and powerful nap, and then decided to clean my room but later on realised I have nothing to clean -_-‘’ Pathetic isn’t it. So I asked my mate on MSN if she needs my help on anything as in cleaning her room…she replied nicely…I’ve covered most of it LOL so I have nothing to do. Giselle popped by later with 4 bottles of beer and supper, we had a great talk over dinner and beer of course girl talk. We were both feeling kind of tired from our activities and school work so we agreed that we will stay in….until later when my mate and sexy girl engaged in a conversation about the Birthday party that we weren’t invited (Giselle and I) No Biggie for me cos I still have other parties to attend but I chose not to attend any nor crash any of them.
Later on about 10 pm we came to conclusion; we are going out for beers and pool games! Okay this kinda weird because at first we thought we were gonna stay in….
30 minutes later the girls arrived in my dorm car park and rang up to say they are waiting please make it quick..Giselle was doing her hair and I was still chatting to one of my friend in Singapore cos we were suppose to have a date via Skype…I blew him off but I did called just to apologise and let him know that I’m having a girls night out so don’t bother to wait up…
We ended up at our usual hang out place Primary 1 class 2 yeah we were having tube of Chang Draught and pool game, well but some dickheads that were supposed to be home with their wives and not out hunting for young girls were playing yeah and they told my mate that “we have 3 more games to go so just wait” my mate was kinda polite enough to just put the coins there at the table but they just kept on playing to the point I got pretty fed up cos the place was closing at 12:30 am. Hmmpt! They think they can get away with this…oh! The worst part was that those dickheads took our coins and play ahead. Far out!!! Never mind at least they realised later on and returned us the coins. We had a great time despite those old men rudeness and impolite words from the bouncers…
After we finished with the game and the beer, we decided to drop my mate off to see our classmates at the birthday party thingy around Chok Chai 4, Bai Meang Pub and Restaurant…the moment we stepped into the place, their faces looked at us as though they’ve seen ghost of something. One of the guys approached Giselle and asked her in Spanish “what are you doing here? You are not invited you know that?”…. Gi just told him to shut up and she left to the Petronas mart to get some cigarette… I must say I didn’t wanna hold it against any of them because they are still kinda immature at handling people from different walk of lives. Let them be if that’s what makes them happy =)
We moved on to our next destination, Khao San Road!!! Gazebo here we come!!!! Yes we ended up in Gazebo and we had a blast time. I must say few beers and great music dancing for hours…I was so looking forward to have my Phad Thai and BBQ from the roadside, the food there just too awesome to miss… Well it was a hell a fun Girls night out!
Later around 3 someone came up to my girl while we were all happily dancing like there’s no tomorrow… He asked my friend for her name and stuff I didn’t really bother but I told him off “hey sorry no guy allows tonight we are having girls night out” LOL Guess he must be pretty pissed off with me so he turned his head around and talk to me… I think he must have thought “Are you her pimp or just a dyke?” well that led to some kind of endless argument! Yeah He was trying to get my friend’s phone number but she wasn’t into this kinda thing but that’s all right she’s HOT and of course everyone wanna know her…
We left the place abruptly as Gi wasn’t feeling too great with her tummy cos of some stuff she ate earlier in the evening so we decided to go home but this guy just kept following us and try to talk to us…at last my friends left me alone!!!! But we just got something to eat, talked for a bit and I could tell this boy was seriously drunk so I let him be and let him go….. ok no need to go on…

Let see what’s going to happen…we did exchange MSN instead of Phone number 😉 I don’t wanna take risk with this kinda guy 😛 He talked to me by accident and that’s about it.

Wala I think its time I should hit the sack.

Good night world xxx God bless you all….

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