Seriously this thing has been on my mind for quite a while..and now I’m gonna give it a try….

In Thailand these are things I learned are, 
1. Thai people especially those who can’t speak English seemed to be afraid of them
2. Thai people usually are nice and kind-hearted, polite and friendly; so the white trash here just take them for granted
3. Thai people PRAISED the white trash as though they are GOD! (but its not true, they are human being and they have nose eyes just like us but just the culture that make us difference from them)
4. Thai people have some sort of Universal contaminated and damaged reputation (dun need to go on)
5. Thai people always ” Greang Jai” I don’t know how to explain this word is like, they afraid of hurting others feeling by reject or what so on..

These are the things I’ve learned myself, even though I grew up in Singapore, but I’ve heard a lot about Thai people…but again, I don’t totally agree with those white guys that make it as though like we Thai Owed THEM errrrr…..our Living! 

A Wise person once told me…

NEVER to date a White guy living and working in Thailand because they tend to act and behave like Thais, because they have been here long enough to learn and understand Thai language and cultures, They always think they are better than anyone here but the fact is that they WERE REJECTED in their own country or possibility is that They ARE RUNNING AWAY from something IN THEIR OWN COUNTRIES!” 

Okay…I won’t say I totally agree with that person but partially maybe…but in my own opinion, I think the foreigners living in overseas can be as dangerous as the one living in Thailand; Why ah? because they can simply search for Thai ladies online, There are so many God know social networking sites and Dating sites that they can simply sign up with their fake photos and some information thinking Thai women will be stupid enough to fall for them because they are “Good looking” and that their currency definitely stronger than Thai Baht THB. What an asshole! 

Bang! There we go! Then when the bait hooked the fish, The white guy also not that stupid, he also of course must weight pros and cons but mainly he knows what he gonna get out of it was “SEX” That’s the key ingredient! Hah! I’m sure even if the ugliest girl in Bangkok still can get laid cos that guy can simply cover her face with the pillow and shags her OR…get really drunk and then shags her… The least possibility to get real as in having a proper relationship I would say 30% unless that girl has something to attract and keep that man. 

The Thing is…I think Asian people gotta stop giving the special privilege to the White people… We are all human beings! They are not some Deity or God who can save the world from Drowning! Also I’m not saying that ALL OF THEM ARE BAD, I’M SURE THERE ARE SOME NICE ONE OUT THERE BUT THE GOOD ONES EITHER TAKEN OR GAY. I’m not perfect and no one is perfect either…I’ve seen way too many SEX-TOURIST (those who come to Thailand just to hook up with girls) Oh! the worst thing I’ve heard was “I’ve never paid for sex, girls just come to me and offer me themselves” wow! That must be pretty proud moment…I don’t know if they never get this kinda thing in their country or what. Pathetic…

There are many tourists who visit Thailand to explore and appreciate the Arts and History…blah blah… I don’t wanna sound so cynical but somewhat they are true. I know the decent people who are here for a nice and decent holiday…clean fun and stuff…but one I’ve encountered with my friends…ewwwww! okay here how it goes..

We (my friends a big group of us) were having a drink during happy hour at one pub, after my trip from China the girls decided to take me out and celebrate my return =) Nice of them. There were a couple of lovebirds…I guess newlywed or something…The wife was trying to be kissy touchy and stuff but the husband was too busy looking at our table and tried to focus his mind on the drink list…Guess what the wife can’t take it anymore so she told the waitress to take picture for them and she kept kissing him…I could tell that she was trying soooooo HARD to keep her man because there were too many distractions right in front of her hubby…Well Can’t help it! maybe next time the gentleman can come back to Thailand without wifey?..

Now one thing I also understand is that, Thailand filled with many beautiful girls on the road…even the lady selling drink or newspaper can be even more beautiful than those girls on the magazines..not to mention without Plastic Surgery….
That is the reason why most men find it sooooo Hard for them to resist the temptation of having sex while they are here…..

I know we all have the freedom to do what we like and dress as we pleased…and another part that men need to learn to understand is that…they need to learn to respect women from all nations not just Thai… Doesn’t mean that 
Don’t judge the book by its cover…cos you might be surprised!

I’m sure we all have to be responsible for our own urges and feeling…trying to hurt others by taking out on them as a fuck buddies just not gonna work…I mean maybe for those people who love having random sex with strangers then…that’s the choice they made… I know this kinda thing takes 2 Hands to clap…So No offense…It’s all about mutual understanding isn’t it?

My conclusion for Farang living in Thailand and Overseas I think they are all the same…it just depends on how you handle them and how they approach you…some may come in a nice way not an asshole or nasty way…but deep down inside we will never know… 

Farang that lives and work in Thailand can be nice too…take it slow…in getting to know them
Farang that comes for Holiday here or the one you met online could be nice tooo…. but  just take time in getting to know them…

the different is…..

Farang that Lives in Thailand can get laid any time they want…with many pretty girls around them….


Farang that lives in overseas and only come here once in a while for holiday…will only get to shag the girls here when they are here….

It’s not like skype, QQ, Yahoo Messenger or MSN offer the sex service through webcam that you can feel or touch…..

We are all human being…what goes around comes around…jackpot you don’t have to wait that long…whatever you give to others…will come back to you…


you should watch out…


it could be just…




Following you…


your own…


God Bless you all….



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