Rooney’s Birthday Party: Pt. 2

In this post I will probably upload most of the pictures…let the pictures speak for that night =) Enjoy
The SIC class 2009
The Newbies

The Bros!
Kevin & Me
The mate!
Ready to dance?
& we are ready to dance
Mac just felt like he’s in Heaven!

After the boat we moved to Narcissus, well these are just few pics I’ve got off  Rooney OMG! That was fun! Let’s do it all again!!!

Was he looking at me boobs?

Pls take this person away from me LOL

It was fun and we had a great time!
Ok Let see what’s coming up next! But for sure Tuesday we will be having our Business Finance Test, then Feb our Midterm Exams! Now you see why! Plus we only have 2 weeks holidays off at the end of the year…That’s the only long break we’ve got! -_-
Good night world…
God Bless everyone!

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