Rooney’s Birthday Party

How’s the weekend going for everyone? I hope everyone is having a great time slacking I mean to all my friends who went with us last night to Rooney’s Birthday party. Anyway Rooney Big Boy, Once again Happy Birthday To You! Grwweat Party and We should do it again next year!. Now Recup in process… T_T

Before we headed off to Rooney’s Birthday party, During the day after French class, our SIC wonder girls were having a dance performance competing with the other schools and the native Korean who came to visit our school, yet later on some of us and I was one of them to run around like mad dog with the drop out for one subject due to the internal mistake on arranging the timetable for student =( sucks balls but she does sounds like a pro when comes to making others’ lives difficult! Yes! and SIC Won!! They were crown as Champion of K-Pop 2009 (cultural activities)

our SIC Champion!
on the stage…just watch their dance!!
Looking good don’t they?
Just have another quick look at other schools they were also not that bad I must admit, for the 17  years old girls to come out with this kinda dance.

Yup they are in Grade 11, high school students from….I duno where

What do you think of this?
And Of course a great fan and supporters like us!
Well Done SIC GIRLS!!!
Then we all go home change and doll ourselves up for Rooney’s Birthday Party… 9:30 pm @Chao Phrya River…eh at the pier? restaurant? hmm No! the Venue: Sabai Cruise =) 
It was incredible idea of Rooney to have his party organized on the boat, of course must be so dear in exchange with friends come together and the great in open-air, and private boat party! of course we would go for that. Very considerate of Rooney..sweet XD

I left my dorm with Giselle around 7:20 pm, Bay and his girlfriend Nam came to pick us up in his car…OML the traffic was madness, but Bay is one of the good driver with the best Navigator in town (his girlfriend) Thank God we made it at the Sathorn pier around 8:20 pm, and met up with our classmates and friends. It was a bit of a hassle about the transportation because we all live like goddamm far away from the city…ok we are upcountry people =P I mean outskirts people…but we are peple eh=) Most of our friends were taking taxi and BTS to the Saphantaksin BTS station got off there and walked down to the pier…

I was trying to get hold of Rooney as we do not know which boat is ours; I mean I don’t wanna be rude and just hop on to any, without paying the ticket or getting the free drinks! OMG 5 minutes later I got hold of him Thank God! The boat was waiting for us at the 3rd pier…we marched over; Me, Annika and Mamasita Giselle. Later on joined in with N’ Aum, her boyfriend and N’ Pear. Jazz were kinda running a bit late. The girls were Diva!!!

The Divas 
and Not so the Diva one…


Me & Fluke…

Now let just take a look at the pictures I’m sure they could explain better than my writing=)

Beautiful..isn’t it..though its blurry..

This is my first time having this kinda party with friends and cruising along the chao Phrya River and enjoying the night lights of Bangkok…The weather was perfect plus a grreeeat Views of temples and the the Rama 8 Bridge… The music was kinda a little off, I mean majority of the guests were Rooney’s friends from overseas and Indian Thai…hence….

The Boat..
The boat Rooney rented was kinda all right I mean at least can fits about 80 pax…not so bad, the Sabai Cruise also provided the liquors Bartenders and the housekeeping. The services was good I must say. 
The food was good they served; Fried Spring Rolls, Fried Rice, Beans (snack), Deep fried Fish cakes and something else which I can recall…No, In fact I was too busy catching up with my friends and drinking…its not like we weren’t in school during the day eh> Lame

started off with Wine, Whiskey & Coke
Guess & our Birthday Boy & the organiser

Ready to hit the dance floor…

Slow down’ll soon gone wasted

Guess looking really pretty as usual…

Love this shot heaps!

The plan after the boat party was to join the DJ spinning in the Club Narcissus, Oh well! I was having a hard time coping with the drunkards and the male friends of Rooney those who were trying to be a bit of octopus =P but I’m all good and cool about it though I would any time prefer to spend my time and lost myself in the scenery and the night (life)lights of Bangkok at that time. 

Nice Tray…and the Prayer (Pls help me Lose my tummy)

It was about 12:40 am when we called it off, and we left the pier around 1:20 am..OMG what a day. 

The Fun begins….

Awww…drunk rue yang ja tee rak?

& This is my best mate =)
After we left the boat, some of people decided to just go home, some had to work the next day, some gotta drive & ride back blah blah..but most people were agreed to meet at Narsissus Sukhumvit something which I can’t remember…
Lucky I wasn’t wasted last night, as it turned out to be quite an interesting event of the month..Why eh?, my friends were sooo busy with those octopuses trying to get to her. Another girl was busy dancing and I figured she stepped on the broken glasses, well It was bloody and fun party I must say! 
I went out to the reception area to have a look at her wounds, wow! I was kinda scared of blood but I washed off her feet and cleaned the wounds and splashed “Betadine” and wrapped up LOL it was fun I mean bloody hell!.
About 3:00 am I found my mami(Puta) wow omg I was looking for her all over the place…when she was just right in front of me… -_-!!! SLEEPING!!! BLOODY HELL HOW COULD YOU MAMI! lol Kidding Mami! I forced the2 men at our table to help get her out of the club and get on the taxi home…Well it was fun and great…yeah we stopped by 7-11 i gotta get my food OMG I was famished and the food wasn’t that nice…honestly and sorry Rooney =X 
I got home I had fried basil with chicken and rice, Hot soup noodle and Milk and I hit the sack “BOOOMMMMMMMM! That how it sounded like..and I woke up this morning I realised I was NAKED!

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