Empty Gesture….

Oh!Hot GOSS!!! one of the so called acquaintance I met back in 2008, when I returned from Chiangmai, actually was introduced by one of my lady friend(A) who used to be my classmate back in college. We were fine and I was always there for her (B)talked her out of her misery and help her grieved her lost and everything…well yeah I guess that was it. she was having her birthday celebration…and seem like she only invites the exclusive friends…I dun give a fuck really after hearing that you guys ended up in such a mess!
Here how the story goes and all the dramas that girl started. Ok wait lemme make it easier let’s name my friend “A” and this girl “B”.. So B was having a birthday party at some nice club in the city and I wasn’t invited (I’m pleased that I didn’t attend after hearing some terrible accident after party) as she deleted me off her facebook but no biggie cos this kinda slut I don’t think I wanna waste my time with much. On the very same day my mamasita she was out at the shopping center in my area and a Friend of B came up to her and…
Friend of B: hey tonight we are having B’s birthday celebration blah blah would you like to come?
Mamasita: Oh! Really? where is it?
Friend of B: It’s at Sukhumvit 11
Mamasita: Can I bring my friend along? Do you know her? 
Friend of B: Oh Yes I know her well! 
Mamasita: Ok See you tonight then If We are going.
Done deal Mamasita text me tell me about it and I was like Fucking hell no way! I felt something wasn’t right at the moment I got that text so that’s why I didn’t reply and mamasita called LOL guess she can’t take it anymore….
Mamasita: Mami do you wanna go to B’s Birthday Party? up to you, you know if you want we can go if not lets organize something on our own
Me: I don’t know mami, she didn’t literally invite us and why should we show our faces when we weren’t invited it sounds to me more of like empty gesture 
Mamasita: Ok then we figure something out I’m with my niggar friends I’ll pick you up in 20 minutes we can do our own party
Me: All right Mami ciao
Guess what a friend of B mentioned to My mamasita that she Literally “KNOW” me well! WOW What a BITCH! I mean I sort of know this group of people I mean just don’t open your mouth and talk to me cos the intestines will just lead to the anal…I don’t need this kind of people in my life…for GOD SAKE YOU’re Almost 40 Get a life and grow up! Do something productive! 

later on I heard from another Switz friend saying that  “I have not been talking to her for year and if this is the attitude she’s having, She won’t have any friends if she were to live in Europe!” wow! I mean this is pretty mean! he also mentioned to me that “she promised that she will sell me an iPhone but later on she went back on her own words after saying I’m giving you for free” haha Classic Bitch =) No worries nowadays Karma installed wifi but not sure how fast the connection would be =P
OKAY! chill babe! My Mamasita called me immediately again! So it is decided! We are going to……..Inch Ratchada! LOL It was awesome!!! I must say I Love those Civilised niggars they are cool dudes and they dance well!!!
Well We had a long talk about the upcoming event that we gonna have to attend otherwise Rooney will get us both killed if we went back on our words! It’s our favourite boy Rooney’s Birthday Party on the cruise!!! on Chao Phya River Sabai Cruise. I still don’t know what to wear but this party is huge! So I can’t look any less SEXY!!! Plus after party we are planning to hit the club in town Narzi here we come! Not sure yet If I’m going cos the cover charge and the DJ spinning that night kinda not my type of thing…hmm but who knows!
Will update the next event once I’m sober 

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