Welcome Back to School Party

Well The day I arrived back to my dorm, My mamasitas were sooo happy and I met up with Giselle first then Nit later after my dinner. Was catching up with Giselle how China didn’t help me at all; in fact I feel like I was running away and that I took him as a rebound. tsk tsk tsk…
Wala! Here are the pics from one of my classmate’s camera…the other girl haiz… gonna need to use elephant to pull her out and upload them….
The party started pretty early, like around 8:30 pm and at first we planned to stay only until midnight simply because we have the stupid Statistic class the next day at 8:30 am Thank God the professor has not return from his trip so well… we had a blast time! 
My friends looked pretty tipsy and sleepy! not because of the Alcohol but because they have been out and about so they were pretty tired. Plus they were dancing crazily, this guy friend of mine was doing B-Boy dance and some routines, I was amazed by his talents and I mean I’ve never thought he could dance so well! Bravo to Otto ma boy!
Okie….Time for me to hit the sack…I’m dead tired, had a peaceful weekend and been staying in and hardly see the light!!! the only time I’m awake is when my tummy is asking for food and school. 

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