2010….What’s there for me

Ok let’s look at what I’ve done so far in the year 2009

 – I got a great Job in Singapore and I love that job heaps (Thanks to My God sister she’s great influence; always encourage me and see the best and the worst part of me whenever I seek her for advice)

 – Went to Great Parties

 – Get to know many new friends, networking both Thai and Singaporean and others

 – Found out that its so hard to be a “Woman”

 – Met with the most exotic(cunt-face) guy in Singapore turned out to be such a jerk Thank God we’ve not gone that far just 2 dates

 – Traveled to: Macao, Malaysia, and Bintan Indonesia 

 – Lost my fiance to the gambling ( He’d PREFERRED Poker over me any time) 

 – Moved back to Thailand to Pursue my higher education

 – Learning more about Thai cultures 

 – Lastly met with some FUCKING SHITTIER Bastard; Well young boy, He was kind of smart, looks like gay, tall (1.87m.), incredibly good looking, I would say he has a good mixed. Boy Oh Boy it lasted only for a few weeks cos I can’t stand his pussy-whipped attitude! scary yet thrilling!

 – Traveled to Guang Zhou, China; experienced with the cold and almost snow and rain during winter 

– Celebrated Christmas and New Year in a foreign Land where no one speak my language or even English (at least I speak Chinese I mean Mandarin)

– Hung out with the French (froggy)


and then here I am…Back to school again….a little bit more about the starting of this year

Ok Back to school after a short break…only 2 weeks? it was awesome for me, some of my friends stayed back in Bangkok but mostly gone back to their hometowns. 

For me…. I was in China, well technically it was supposed to be the trip of getting to know my own friend that show interest in me as he expressed his wish to pursue the relationship with me at some point and I was reluctantly accepted his proposed to get to know each other beyond the “friend” level. Okay So I decided to give it a try, if I’m not wrong the entry before I left for China I was somewhat Whining about how much I don’t wanna go as I have the feeling that this will have a complete disaster and idiot ending. Guess what I was right. 

I’ve never thought of my own friend otherwise, well at least I’m glad I helped him sorted out his emotions. He was actually suffered from his previous relationship, he was with her for almost 3 years and they broke off just 2 days before he left for Bangkok. I went to see my this “Friend” during my study week for my midterms we hung out and we had a lot of fun I took my girl friend with me (Giselle) and it was nothing. We also met up with his friends those French who were in Bangkok for holiday, Boy! Oh Boy! Some of them were really HOT! I mean Seriously HOT! but French? eh? Not my cup of tea…I’m having enough trouble handling Asian men! Enough of men for me. Back to the point! and my “Friend” Proposed to take it to the next level with me, well of course I didn’t want to not because I was trying to play hard to get but I seriously can see that it is not going to work out between us. He still has that freshly opened wound and I’m emotionally unavailable and not ready to be in a relationship. I told him nicely that we will take it slow well we both agreed to that term, however once he went back to China he often call and text me, I was feeling a bit odd because sometimes when he blurted out “I LOVE YOU” I think he didn’t mean it but I was being such a nice friend and I just entertained him a bit here and there. Fucked it yeah I know he wanted to take me as a rebound and after that tell me “we are too different” Funny isn’t it? Thank God I was praying so hard for him to come clean with me but I guess he has no guts to do face to face but SKYPE. FML! Whether or not I’m not gonna be your Girlfriend! I mean come on, I’m not gonna be such a bitch about it but please man! learn to read your girlfriend’s trick! she wants more than just to fuck you she wants to marry you and move to France she already gave a big HINT are you dumb or blind? Asshole! You got some catch up to do.

Done Deal Dead and Gone! I mean I’ll still be his friend but not going to be his shrink or something that will bring myself down anymore. I promised myself after China trip, I’m not going to put myself in this kind of position when I have a better life without men! All these games you men are playing got me sick and tired, seriously seriously deadly sick of you men. Marilyn Monroe said

“If you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best” 

Wala Wala!!! Well said Sweetie Muahhh

Let See what 2010………gonna be like…


1. Learning French

2. Learning more of tougher subjects

3. Study Hard

4. Projects

5. Beach party (Koh Samui, Koh Samed, Hopefully Phuket)

6. Going back to Chiang Mai

7. Live Happily and really wanna Break Free from the old me

8. Spend time on Bible (on my iPhone) at Least 5 Minutes before I go to sleep and if I’m not too drunk

9. Take a Break from Relationship (Men & Dating) Be alone for a while

10. Say “I Love you” to my mother at the end of every phone call

 These are all the things I’m looking forward to do and hopefully I can accomplish them =D 

Now I’m back to doing my chores and laundry from the trip..gosh mountain of clothes going to tumble down….

School been great so far….the new Professors seem nice but some are weird, I mean this is Thailand what can I expect right? nonetheless I’m happy to come back and be back home see my friends and classmates again. Most of my classmates got a new haircuts and some lost weight some gained (one of them is me) I finally got a new haircut for myself which totally far apart from the old me. Extremely Short and I think it’s kind of refreshing. Most of my classmates got a shocked seeing me with my new look but they all agreed that this hair suits me better! It brings out my personality, well I’m not sure if they meant by “Don’t mess with me” that look.

This year I really just wanna have clean fun with my friends and travel less, focus more on my studies and stay out of relationship. I can’t keep on getting myself hurt and heartbroken…tsk tsk tsk…that’s not very healthy for me. 

Chiang Mai trip will only happen around end of January…I’m so looking forward to it. Recently the weather in Thailand has been pretty unstable…it’s winter right now man…but raining cats and dogs almost everyday and the weather has been pretty hot…


I’ve got a lot to do for this semester…I’m pretty happy about it…It also helps taking my mind off some stupid issue.

Bleah…I’m off now..more update to come! God Bless!!!!

xxx You know where you can find me xxx


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