Guang Zhou, China

Arrived at the airport at 4:30 pm, well thank God my flight was on time and in fact I arrived in Bai Yun International Airport, Guang Zhou, China about 30 minutes earlier than expected. Thomas was waiting with anticipation and in the same time he was really starving…So poor thing he only had some chocolate bar before he left home. 

on the plane for like 3.5 hours hmm not so bad!
The moment I got out of the plane, I ran straight to the immigration checkpoint, yeah I was kind of worried at first because, I have had too many bad experiences with the immigration, just because they made an assumption and stereotyping that since I’m holding a Thai Passport, hence I can’t speak English. Dead Wrong! Big Time! Don’t Mess with me seriously!. The immigration checkpoint line for Foreign Passport was kinda long and I was being really impatient, and then I was jumping up and down to see what took them so long, to found out later that the immigration officer was giving a lesson to a trainee how to check the passport! Alamak! Why now! MTF! 
Worst thing that happened... at first I thought I would have trouble with the immigration officer, turned out to be the passengers on the same flight and at the checkpoint was giving me a hard time! I hate those kind of old man that seriously need a Big and Clear mirror with a special kind of lenses. This American guy was trying soo hard to chat me up the last thing he said to me was “I will be in Bangkok in February” and my replied to him was “oh! cool!” and “Oh Gosh!” that’s when he decided to walk away. Thank God otherwise I’m gonna be really pissed with him and tell him to stop making that small talk!
The guard at the immigration checkpoint was very kind to me, at first when they Chinese passport line was full and later on when all of them were gone she asked me to move over to the other line. Well I must say I was kind of surprised when at first the male guard approached me and he spoke Mandarin to me and I refused to change the line…then the lady guard came to me again spoke Cantonese, and so I told her “但是我不是中国人,我是泰国人” she then gave me a hand signal, to go ahead. Yippie! So those foreigner passport line Good bye the Middle East and American boys =P as I was saying to myself “This is the privilege of being able to speak and look like Chinese” Lame and so full of myself ain’t I?

Arrived at the arrival area around 11:30 pm with Thomas waiting for me outside and he was so excited to see me, he was kind of worried about me at first that the immigration officer will stop me for further information. Later on I explained to him what happened inside and he was laughing away.

Took taxi from Bai Yun International Airport to Thomas place was not that long as the traffic was kind of smooth at that hour. We arrived at 中山六路 (Zhong Shan Liu Lu) around 12:10 am, I got off the cab and realised that the taxi driver was driving on the left side LOL Thomas was laughing at me as I was a bit slow. -_-
Whoa! The weather is officially crazy, cold and windy, thank God I prepared 2 sweaters and scarf with me. We rushed back up to his place to drop off my luggage then go for supper, we were both really in need of something hot and soupy! 
We Hurriedly usher ourselves into “Peace Kitchen” this place is open until pretty late night I guess, as we seated ourselves inside we discovered that there were still many customers in there and eating, chilling out and chit chatting with friends. 
The friendly waiter approached us with warm water, and speak to us in Cantonese at first then later heard that we were speaking Mandarin so he started speaking Mandarin to us. 
We placed our orders and the 2 bottles of local beer came first then food. We had something really light as we don’t wanna eat too much before bedtime..Brrrrr I feel so cold and the beer just made me feel so much better!
Stir fried Beef Noodle (the beef was really tender! I love it)
Enough said..I will let the picture speak for my holiday!


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